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Lets get this area of the forum going. It doesn't have to be tennis related I guess. But I'll throw one out there for you to chew on -

It is SERIOUSLY distracting for the service returner to return the missed first serve when it is clearly going long. Like, what? Am I your freaking ball boy? I'm trying to serve here. It kills the rhythm to stop between 1st and 2nd serves to clean up after your lazy opponent.

OK, glad I got that off my chest.
Can anyone please concur and let me know that this is a reasonable request. :-)

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I hate it when it messes up my timing for the secoind serve
uh oh! M is mad! lol. I hate having balls in my pocket.. the pros don't do really do it 99% of the time, so why should I? LOL. Feels weird.
Haha. Yeah, I don't like the feeling either, but what can you do? We need to hire some kids as ball boys/girls at the courts. Or just grab them from the street and promise their parents we'll bring them right back. :-)
I have another one to add. I get really irritated when a player on a neighboring court shouts out "Thank you!" when their ball rolls on to my court. I don't mind getting their ball because it's a public court and that's one of things that you have to deal with. Plus one of my shots will surely go on to their court. But I could really do without the authoritative tone. Would it kill the other person to politely ask, "Would you mind getting our ball?"
To me It seems rude to ask that too.. I just yell "Sorry!" and "Thanks/Thank you!" when I get it back.. but yeah by asking "Would you ind getting our ball?" it's kind of like "Are you blind? can ya get that?" lol
I think it all just depends on your tone.
well normally I have to yell because the other players can't hear.. and they're only right next to my court! lol. so my tone wouldn't be right to ask that ahhaha.
I don't object to service returns to missed serves unless it's obvious the returner had the opportunity to hold back. I would hate to get my skull in a bind because of etiquette - if I return a serve *and* call it out it's because I am more concerned with hitting the serve than I am with being polite.

But perhaps this isn't really same thing as the peeve in question?

My peeves: people who don't bring a fresh can to the court, servers who take time between first and second serve, and people who complain about how they can't return my dominant serve :^)
I have a question, even if the returner doesn't return your missed serve, what if he or she isn't quick to pick up the tennis ball. Which leads to my pet peeve. When I am going to pick up a ball, and the person on the other side of the net is just standing there trying to distract him or herself because he or she is so bored. If that's the case, then why not the returner hit your missed serve back to you. Maybe you can get the ball quicker than me.
Okay, since I read this forum, I have been trying to do the right thing during my league games, but everyone returns the missed first serve going long. So is that just a few people's preference or is that really tennis etiquette because it doesn't seem like very many people follow it. If it goes directly back to the person, then isn't that more convenient for everyone than to have to pick up the balls later and make everyone wait? Now, I'm not even sure what I should do.
One time I played against a guy, and he actually took a cell phone call in the middle of the match! When I said something about it, he gave me a really irritated look, as if I was the one being rude.

At least he hung up.
hahaha who ended up winning? did his agitation help his game or fry it?


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