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Lets get this area of the forum going. It doesn't have to be tennis related I guess. But I'll throw one out there for you to chew on -

It is SERIOUSLY distracting for the service returner to return the missed first serve when it is clearly going long. Like, what? Am I your freaking ball boy? I'm trying to serve here. It kills the rhythm to stop between 1st and 2nd serves to clean up after your lazy opponent.

OK, glad I got that off my chest.
Can anyone please concur and let me know that this is a reasonable request. :-)

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just common sense. if it's long or wide, call it as a courtesy to your opponent.especially if it's close. you call the lines as you see it. granted you might miss a few very close ones, just don't make it deliberate.
and make your calls loudly and clearly. Same when you are calling out the score. It drives me nuts when my opponent speaks barely above a whisper.
Thanks Mark! If you are being served to, and the serve is not good, but the ball lands on your side of the net, do you stop and toss it to the side?
Yes. If the ball is in the court area. I will go pick it up and put it in my pocket or nudge it to the side fence. If the ball is not in the playing area, as a courtesy to the server, just ignore it.

I think the one, that a couple other people touched on, that can really cause problems is not calling out the score frequently enough. You are supposed to call it every point. Some players never call it and there are always disagreements about the score.
I am just learning about how to keep score. I get confused when it comes to the ad-in and ad-out....but I think I am getting it. Lots to learn!
Here's a helpful way to think about the score. In tennis, you gotta win by two. You got to win a game by two points, or a set by two games.

In a game, it's the first player to win 4 points who wins the game. 15, 30, 40, game.
So the Advantage system insures the win-by-two rule. 40-40 is called Deuce. From duece, either player has to win 2 in a row to win by two. Does that help? I think it helps put it into perspective: first player to win 4 points, that's it.

Guess this applies to when there is deuces. Ad-in is when you are the server won the point; opponent won the deuce means ad-out.
I HATE when a neighboring is yelling really loudly. I'm all for pumping yourself up and yelling "come on" if you need to give yourself encouragement, and that's semi-acceptable (but just as distracting). But I hate particularly when a group of people are just having loud conversations on the next court over, and it's breaking my concentration. I find that groups of 4 guys playing double are particularly bad about this.
Well.. when I played with Justin, the park we went to had a dog park.. YEAH, that was rough lol. Random "dog fight" barks every now and then during a good volley or serving!
LOL! But i think that beats loud car traffic!
Oh my gosh...I never realized that I was not suppose to return the first missed serve. Just started learning to play in leagues and am still learning the etiquette. Oops.
I actually don't really mind when a server returns a serve that is going long. I'm more comfortable with all the balls on my side, behind me.


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