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Lets get this area of the forum going. It doesn't have to be tennis related I guess. But I'll throw one out there for you to chew on -

It is SERIOUSLY distracting for the service returner to return the missed first serve when it is clearly going long. Like, what? Am I your freaking ball boy? I'm trying to serve here. It kills the rhythm to stop between 1st and 2nd serves to clean up after your lazy opponent.

OK, glad I got that off my chest.
Can anyone please concur and let me know that this is a reasonable request. :-)

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I know what you mean too. And some people really just need to relax. Some people act like a friendly match on a weekend is the final of the US Open.

anyway, I live in NYC too, and there are plenty of people who play tennis. I agree with Mark. I think you should try finding someone new. It takes some patience, but it's worth it once you have a good roster of guys/girls.
If the opponent hits it soft and easy right back to the server so he/she can pocket it, no problem. Practicing that down the line backhand is another thing entirely and I for one would like to stop seeing that crap. Barf.
To qualify my statement, after reading more posts, I would like to differentiate between two situations.

1) I hit 80+mph serves. I would never expect to see a check swing. The ball gets to the racket much too fast to make an adjustment.

2) On the other hand, when I'm playing mixed with my wife and she lofts one long (more of a wounded lob, really) at around 15mph, you might understand if I get a little unnerved after the d-bag in the returner's corner decides that's the time to whip his hardest forehand down the alley because he won't feel like a man without trying to pass me. First, I've already stopped paying attention by the time the ball hits a foot from the baseline, and second, I've had to protect my face more than once from that junk. Of course, they always feel a little bad after that, but some maintain a smirk, like they somehow just beat me or got in my head. If I perceive that the guy is less-than-apologetic for such a blow, my next move is usually a poach and a smack right at his feet. When he can't return that, I feel a bit better. But if I ever get beaned by some moron pulling this move, I'm gonna jump the net and break my racket over his head.
I think, though, that Mark probably plays between these two extremes, and in that case, I wouldn't expect my opponent to have the reactions of a world-class player. Maybe not even that of an average player. I say, in this gray area, give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he doesn't know your serve is going out nearly as soon as you know it.
No, I don't think it's that complicated.
I like your point about the server knowing it is going out before the returner.
But it is just not that tough to know when an average intermediate serve is going out by 2 feet. It's more a habit of the 3.5s and lower 4.0s - I don't see it at all at the 4.5 level.
how about when someone cheats?
does that count as a pet peeve? LOL
how about when your opponent calls over the line judge when you start cheating him back?

Biggest pet peeve I have in tennis is when someone hesitates and thinks about calling a ball out, then insists that they "think" they saw my ball go out of bounds and end up trying to take the point from me. I'm all for playing fair and letting my opponent call their shots, but the bottom line is, either the ball went out or it didn't. If you can't make a line call with immediate certainty, then the ball is IN.

I'm sure some opponents of mine don't appreciate it when I force the issue, but it's even outlined in the USTA rulebook. Assuming there are no line judges, if you saw the ball go out, it's out. However, if you thought the ball went out but weren't sure, then the ball is in and don't even think about calling it out. It's as simple as that.
So true.
At the very least, they should offer a let.
I totally agree.
I played in a league match last week and that exact thing happened to me and my partner. I said, don't tell me you think it went out. It either did or did not. That's like saying I think I won. Very cut and dry people.
Show me the mark!
Especially since it skiddded when it bounced off the back of the line.
I find it a little annoying when I return a first serve that I believe is IN, and the return was a winner, but the server is just standing on the other side of the court telling me that his serve was out. Then he proceeds with his second serve. I'm not talking about obvious long serve or anything like that. This is a serve that clips the line.

The ball is in play unless someone call it "OUT" or it is obviously out by a foot or two.
Ahhh, this happens to me too. Especially if my return winner was great and they moved toward it, AND THEN say hey wait up. I call all my service calls really quick. I could see how this would be a problem if you don't call it loud and quick because then they are always off-guard wondering is this point ON or not.
Oh, i just thought of a really GOOD one that ticks me off to no end!

Ok, wait for it...




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