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Lets get this area of the forum going. It doesn't have to be tennis related I guess. But I'll throw one out there for you to chew on -

It is SERIOUSLY distracting for the service returner to return the missed first serve when it is clearly going long. Like, what? Am I your freaking ball boy? I'm trying to serve here. It kills the rhythm to stop between 1st and 2nd serves to clean up after your lazy opponent.

OK, glad I got that off my chest.
Can anyone please concur and let me know that this is a reasonable request. :-)

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My pet peave is people who go out and play tennis without ANY formal instruction!!!!! Come on, spend a few dollars and learn how to play correctly.

Ivan L.

Wendy said:
That's just one reason mixed doubles is better.
Mark, Ivan would never say such a thing - he's way more laid back than most people think (But being a huge Lendl fan, I know you know that.)
Seriously? Are you kidding me?
First of all, how do you think people get so good? Have you been this amazing all your life?

On a side note, some people do not have a few extra dollars to take lessons. So I guess that means they should not step on the court????
Just keeping it real.

Ivan Lendl (Mark) said:
My pet peave is people who go out and play tennis without ANY formal instruction!!!!! Come on, spend a few dollars and learn how to play correctly.

Ivan L.
my pet peebe is the usta
The Usta is a joke they don't know most top player because they don't play usta tennis they play ITF your remember Melanie Oudin They didn't know her and they didn't know Ryan Harrison or Beatrice Capra in this years US open ,Melanie went from 39 to 71
Donald Young owned Sam Query in the Jr's USTA step in now he is not top 100 I am the top African American Female in Nor-Cal in 18 yr old Div and i couldn't get the Althea Gibson Diversity grant for travel and training( there out of Money at this time) they asked me every year to join there travel team to the ATA nationals and I have took 1st or 2nd every year and can i come out to a community showing so they can ask for money from supporters and show how good their training is. i was told
from someone in my position i want get grant money because i don't use a USTPA certified coach

here are links to the denial and take not the people that received grants do even play anymore
Usta nor-cal traveling team
wow, myiesha, that just does not seem fair. good to post it - maybe the right people will see this (and other places you've posted?) and hopefully change can happen. good luck!
One time i was denied a grant because my national ranking wasn't high enough, but i don't play a lot of national
because their to far and to many, my parents give all they can, but if they would have gave me the travel grant i could have went to a national but these other girls that play and i beat them in sectionals some of the top 10 girls the nation started with me but they can afford it, So like Richard Williams My dad has decided to Remove me from Juniors but don't worry there are plenty of schools looking if i decide to go to College Dont get me wrong iam not the best player in the world but i wanna be i know in my heart and soul Ive beat myself in 80% of my losses but now I've been working with a new coach he took the flat ball away now iam hitting more top spin, my unforced errors have drop now iam in the finals more iam still learning watch out.
Consistent poor line calls. It frustrate the heck out of me! Especially when it's reoccurring. I myself give the benefit of the doubt to the other player. If it's close, but I don't see it out FOR SURE, then it's in!
I totally agree. If the serve is out, leave it behind you instead of hitting it back to me. The other thing I really hate is when I have just hit a winner, and the other person hits the ball at me as I am walking back to the baseline to prepare to serve, and at the very last minute yells "ball". One other thing. When an opponent serves, the ball rolls back halfway, and he/she sits there and decides whether or not they want to pick up the ball. Then after a while, decides they will. Talk about a rhythm breaker.
I guess I'm guilty of that, that's an eye opener.  I was doing it with the best of intentions, hitting the ball back to my opponent (the server) so they have a ball to serve with.  I didn't think about the rhythm breaking aspect, I suppose.  You learn something new everyday.
That's a great response. If the serve is fast and close then it is completely understandable to return it, otherwise dump to the bottom of the net or stop it and send it behind you.

When the reff warns my oponnent about foot faults insted of calling them


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