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We have over 13,000 members in Tennisopolis so I'm sure we have some that have yet to play and those that have played for 50 years. Where do you fall? And how far have you come with your game?

Me, I've played about 30 years - ouch I sound old - since I was about 9 years old. My game is alright, but I really want to move up to a 4.5 this coming season.


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i've played after i turned 12 so a year and a few month and i guess i'm pretty good i match up to kids who have been playing a few years
I've been playing tennis for 20 years now. I've been playing since I was 9 years old on and off. During high school and college i used to play just on the weekends, but during summer time I tried to play every day. Now it is October so I only play in indoor tournaments once every two months and an ocasional doubles/singles matches during the week if it is nice weather outside. Indoor courts are expensive, maybe i should build my own court some day, that is one of my goals ;)
I've been playing on and off for 15 years.
I have been playing since 2k2. I wish that I had started WAY sooner!
Used to play when I was 18...stopped for 10 years, now played for an other 2 years. I think 3 1/2 yrs total?
Since 1955.
Just started this past summer, but took lessons as a kid and played intermittently with friends.
I don't really consider myself a player yet. I played here and there as a kid and dug out my 10+ year old racquet out a month ago and enrolled in a group lesson class. I have pretty good coordination and I'm fairly agile for a 42 year old. I now know that I've been missing out for a long time, tennis is great; I've always watched it a bit but I'm really getting bit by the bug now. As my wife knows, I'll be deep in by next spring and looking for a league. Why did I wait so long?
About 20 years, on and off. I absolutely love the game. Tennis junkie here.
I played from age 7 to 20 and attended college on a tennis scholarship. Once I graduated, I stopped playing for 26 years and just came back to the game in October 2008.
Are you glad you came back? I did something similar. Major junior tennis, burn out, quit through my 20's and started back again at about 32 y.o. I wish I never quit.
just started...maybe seven months. watched my sister and brother played through the years but was too busy partying. :) now, i've actually picked up a racqet and do enjoy playing.


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