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Interested in buying vintage wood rackets, if excellent condition.
Send pictures and proposals.

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Very cool. I don't have any. I wish I would have kept my old Jack Kramer.
Can you post some pictures of your collection in the Forum somewhere?
what pieces are you looking for?

we have several on display in our shop.

we have not planned on selling these, but we've gotten tons of requests/offers/interest by our customers, and a few people online.

let us know :)

-Ben of Tennis Zone

do you have an online shop I could visit to see the models ?
Vincent G,
Try going to the Goodwill and Thrift stores they usually have them for a very cheap price, talking less than $5.00 per stick ;)
Yesah, the only problem with these is they are usually pretty banged up, and it looks like Vincent is only looking for "excellent condition". But you never know - at thrift stores it's all about timing.
thank you for this information.
Do they have a website ?
Because I live in Europe (France).
i've seen a few jack kramer staffs at the goodwill store close to where i live. i looked at the frame and it was still in good shape.
I wonder if those are worth much? definitely one of the best wooden racquets of all time, but also very common.... I should look on ebay to see what these things are going for.
hey i have 2 wooden racquets and one steel
oh Ben sorry if i'm not suppose to be commenting here i'm just kinda looking around and saying
it's cool...
Vincent, Here you go mate! I found one for you in great shape. email the seller asap before it goes away. that's the link. -JC

Hey that's a cool one!


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