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Did anybody notice Nadal was thrashed today by Youzhny today.

The Spanish world number two lost 6-0 6-1 to the Russian fourth seed after looking clearly exhausted following Saturday's marathon four-hour semi-final win over compatriot Carlos Moya.

The AO is in just a week. Will Nadal have any chance at making it thru the fortnight???

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Hey there Mark.

Yeah I was very shocked when I saw the score. Then I had to look back at his previous result vs. Moya. A very tough, tight 3 setter that went almost 4 hours.

This makes me wonder just how far he will go in the AO. To the second week for sure. But after that, depending on the draw, upsets and dark horses, the second week could be tough on him. He'll be up to fighting though, not like what happened today.

Carlos, on the other hand, is playing the Medibank International thsi week. Is that a wise decision?
Carlos, on the other hand, is playing the Medibank International thsi week. Is that a wise decision?

No way. Isn't it strange though that this 30-something has more energy than Nadal, who is like 20?
I think stamina may come with age, but only to a certain point - tehn it falls off quickly.
For crying out loud. I want to give Rafa the benefit of the doubt, but what had he been doing in the off season? I still have questions about his knees as well. Maybe he needs to warm up to the new season, but so far I'm taken aback. We'll see how he comes out at the AO.
Dont say "knees" - mine is still toast. ;-)
I know what you're saying, he may have partied to much in the 3 weeks thats teh "off season". ha ha.
Partied? Haha nah, I don't think Rafa would do that sort of thing. Maybe I'm wrong? LOL! But his "KNEES" probably prohibited him from doing too much in the off season.
We'll see is right-I'm going!!!!!
Really? So jealous of you. That's a long trip from where you are! Have fun and be sure to report back here what you saw.

Wow, I wonder if his knees are still a problem. It's not surprising that Yhouzny took him down, it's just surprising he took him down in that fashion. I remember him saying he was having trouble training as he usually does, so that could be the issue. We need Nadal healthy for the sake of the sport.
Well I'm hoping he'll pull together for the AO.

However, he really hasn't been the same since the tendonitis started giving him problems in his knees. I don't when it was that it started giving him problems (sometime last season); he just hasn't been the normal Rafa since. His game is so punishing not just on his opponents, but on his body. He may be extremely mobile and runs down just about anything, but he's certainly not svelte. The way elegant style that Roger pulls off is better suited for a longer career, which is evident in the fact that he seems to be healthy and uninjured most of the season. I even remember Agassi and the way he used to give up on balls that were just to well hit. He'd just let some shots go and save energy for a better opportunity.

Maybe Rafa will grow wiser with age and realize he needs to change his game a bit to be more durable. That's my humble two cents....
I'll post some pictures when I return Mark. I just bought a telephoto lens so I might get some decent shots
cool. I want to make some tennisopolis tennis trading cards of the pros at some point. so if you get some good shots, maybe we can use a couple of them on the trading cards.
have a blast!
Well said.
Hey Jan, we're entering this fantasy tennis (AO pickem) competition for fun. Its the battle of the boards where different tennis sites go against one another... long story. Anyway, would you be interested in being on our team and making some AO bracket picks?



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