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Come make your picks in our first annual US Open Bracket Challenge sponsored by Avery Racquets. Pick the most winners in the men's draw and WIN a new Avery M3 Control racquet, a $179.99 value. Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners of the US Open, or just have a fun time trying. The US Open bracket is in place. So NOW is THE time to enter your picks. Go to the Battle of The Boards headquarters and fill in the form.

Let's show all the other sites that we have the skillz to pay the bills. Be sure to select the Tennisopolis team name from the drop down menu. The Grand Prize is for the best score on the Tennisopolis team. Do it NOW or regret it for 2 weeks. :-)

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A few people picked Blake. If he wins, they should start a fortune telling business :)
Here is the 'syndicated' report for day 4, a high-scoring day on which two entrants got 15/16 correct, though the garlic-eating malingerers still did their best to mess lots of us up by winning or losing when they shouldn't have. As eblunt put it on

"I'd like to propose an improvement to future pickem entry forms: Have a 'No GEMs' option that prefills defeats for all the GEMs. You might lose a point or two, but that's a small price to pay to save all that heartache of relying on them to win when required."

Unfortunately, they make a point of failing to lose when required too, so that'll just guarantee us a slam with Dammit v Chokieu and Tsonga v Monfils as the two semi-finals!

Detailed results, etc, can be found at


A late surge by TAT, who piled in behind Monfils and Troicki (they must be picking by sticking a pin in the draw and getting lucky, surely?!) allowed them to overhaul and take the lead, with the Dammitaires remaining in 3rd. The latter team now has the top raw average for R2 so far as well as for R1 and is only being held back by the team size adjustment which recognises that small teams are more likely to get extreme high or low scores, even if the team at the bottom of the table is doing its best to give the lie to this! yo-yoed up and down the table all day but ended the day on an upswing, up 4 to 8th, making them the only team to move more than one place on the day.


Fiercehart (TN) was the only entrant to finish day 4 where he started - with 14/16 correct on Thursday, he has already opened up a lead of 3 points, which is pretty impressive when there are 456 entrants!

A late run allowed Christian (BT) to rise 4 to 2nd, with world no. 6 randall six (IN), down 1 to 3rd, holding onto a place in the top three on tiebreak from world no. 3 Flintstone (IN), Drop-Shot (TA), fr1k4r (SG) & Harold Abadilla (RN), all up 12 to 4= after scoring 14/16 in R2 so far.

The top 10 is completed by Jean-Marc (BT), Ivanatis (MT) & bumfluff (TW), who all got 13/16 on Thursday.


Two entrants scored a hugely impressive 15/16 on Thursday and, ominously, they are both people who have finished on the podium in one of the last two slams, an achievement shared by 4th placed Flintstone (IN), who was 3rd at Wimby. They are Jack (TA), 3rd at RG and up 105 to 11th yesterday, and Wimbledon winner and world no. 1 Ashley Harkleroad's ***** (IN), up 196 to 28th.

However, two entrants rose more than 200 places after getting 14/16 of the top half R2 matches correct - Ghandi (GR) & mataeo1983 (TA), both up 209 to 84=. Altogether, 17 entrants rose more than 100 places.


Two entrants got just 5/16 correct and dropped to the bottom, if still well clear of the gorillas - they were christopher (TN) & Rachel (TN), both down 6 to 455=, though 49% is a high score for last place at this stage of a pick 'em!

Higher up the table, even getting 50% correct wasn't enough to avoid a huge drop on such a high-scoring day and 45 entrants fell more than 100 places, with 8 leading the way with spectacular drops of over 200 places. They were brazilian tennis (IN), down 201 to 234th, mmmm8 (TA), zephblabs (TA) & SONIque (AR), all down 208 to 272= despite getting more than half of Thursday's results correct, Lex (CC), down 242 to 358th, Matthew (GR), down 209 to 384th, & Rome AMS winner BalaK (AM), down 247 to 422nd. However, the entrant in the most desperate need of a parachute to break her fall was Swissgirl (IN), down 319 to 383rd - she got 7/16 correct.


All of the top four seeds are ahead halfway through the L16 round, but no. 12 seeds lead no. 5 seeds T4Y, no. 11 seeds BBC 606 lead no. 6 seeds and no. 10 seeds Other Boards lead no. 7 seeds Team CC, so some early reversals of fortune between R1 (used for seeding) and R2 (on which L16 match scores are based) may be on the cards.

(1) 22.51
(16) 21.44

(9) RafaelNadalFans 22.40
(8) 23.14

(5) 22.00
(12) 22.56

(13) Assorted Individuals 21.67
(4) MensTennisForums 22.13

(3) 24.00
(14) 21.13

(11) BBC 606 boards 22.33
(6) 22.11

(7) Centre Court Forum 22.08
(10) Other Boards 23.07

(15) 21.29
(2) TalkAboutTennis 23.44
This is exciting!
Hey, Coldvodka - I noticed that you are moving up. Did you make any interesting picks that could jump you over some people?
I'm doing OK for my first time =)

If Murray pulls through (down two...unlikely) and Djokovich hold up his end of the bargain - I'm in good shape!
Hey CV,
Murray pulled through! ... but somehow you went down a bit. Bummer.
Hey join this group for the Bracket players (actually anyone reading that is not yet a member of that group, join it.) It the best way for us to keep in touch and let people know about the upcoming contests.

you're doing well, Coldvodka.
I'm down more than 150!
Mark, you're doing great!
I'm still 22, but I picked Gulbis over Roddick - and picked him for another round too. So I think I'm going to start falling like a rock.
You're still doing better than some of us! /me bows to Mark, I'm not worthy!
Up 64 you are Lainey!
vedddy nice.


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