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Come make your picks in our first annual US Open Bracket Challenge sponsored by Avery Racquets. Pick the most winners in the men's draw and WIN a new Avery M3 Control racquet, a $179.99 value. Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners of the US Open, or just have a fun time trying. The US Open bracket is in place. So NOW is THE time to enter your picks. Go to the Battle of The Boards headquarters and fill in the form.

Let's show all the other sites that we have the skillz to pay the bills. Be sure to select the Tennisopolis team name from the drop down menu. The Grand Prize is for the best score on the Tennisopolis team. Do it NOW or regret it for 2 weeks. :-)

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The results have now been updated to the end of day 10 at - no change in the top 10, though there are plenty of changes lower down. With so few matches to write about, the daily reports are getting a bit too close to each other on most boards, so I'm going to give the report a miss today and do a single report on the QFs after the other two have been played.
Cool. Graphite Machete (picked Fed as winner) still leads the Tennisopolis gang, with yours truly (picked Rafa to win) in second. Moving into third is DaveB (with Nole as the Champ). But only 1 point behind me are Nelson and D - both also have Rafa to win.

It's so close at the top, but really it is going to come down to who wins it all.

Now, I did something unusual and have Nole BEATING Fed and then to lose to Rafa. So, I haven't checked, but I bet that Nelson and/or D has a Rafa/Fed final. So the semifinal matchups matter too.

i'm way down there (160s), but have been slowly rising again. no chance to win. i'd picked Nole to beat Fed in the SF - now I wish I could switch it! could/should shape up to be another classic final... fed-nadal, that is! fish sure started hot...

For detailed results, please see

The US Open is often the most 'predictable' of the slams, and the semi-final line-up suggests that it has been again, though those of us following the results over the first week could claim we know better!

With the (soon to be official) top four players in the world having made it to the semis, there are three titanic battles in prospect in the last three matches, though it's a pity that ex-Hurricane Hanna seems destined to make it more of a lottery than it should be by playing havoc with the schedule this weekend and intensifying the windy conditions that have already been causing some problems.


There was little movement at the top or bottom of the teams league, with staying on top, but TAT in 2nd and in 3rd put a little more pressure on them by finishing 1st and 2nd in the QFs respectively and, 3rd in the QFs, pulled away from the bottom three teams and are now clear of the stragglers in 10th.

There were some changes in mid-table, with the Dammitaires, second worst scorers in the QFs, dropping 2 to 7th, allowing the top two in the overall team race before the USO, Team CC, now 5th, and, now 6th, to move up a place, with the former now hot on the heels of 4th placed T4Y, who dropped out of contention with the top three during the QFs. Meanwhile MTF, up 1 to 8th with the 4th best score in the QFs, overtook BBC 606, down 1 to 9th.

Having picked up about 3 points on the Feddies, the lowest-scoring team during the QFs thanks to a lot of wishful thinking about Rafa and/or Nole having been removed from the mix by the SFs, last-placed have a real chance of climbing off the bottom of the table, especially if Nole reaches the Final.

It is worth pointing out that the Fans are once again beating the Actives, indeed they are mashing them having won every single round so far!


All of the top five before the QFs got all of the semi-finalists correct, the first time that has happened, and indeed the only entrant in the pre-QFs top 10 not to do so was Claire Bear (AM), down 12 to 18th after 'only' getting 3/4 right.

So, by the time the SFs start, christian (BT) will have been the end of day leader every day for over a week, an unprecedented achievement since the days when comps were limited to members if I remember right! The rest of the top five are all within one semi-final winner of him though.


Almost 200 entrants equal top-scored in the QFs by getting all four semi-finalists correct, so being the fastest riser depended on getting 4/4 QF winners and being near the middle of the table where there was the most scope for overtaking. A handful of entrants gained 70 or more places - tennisfan78 (TY), up 70 to 207, NorthernLights (JM), up 70 to 220th, driftin02 (TN), up 70 to 222nd, Michael (AM), up 70 to 232nd, Edberg's Brother (TN), up 71 to 238th, and morct (TA), up 71 to 256th.


If you started the QFs inside the top 300, getting just one semi-finalist wrong was enough to see you move down rather than up and many of those who got two wrong dropped around 100 places or more.

However, with only US bot Homer not getting any of the QF winners correct, it was those who got only 1/4 correct who dropped the most, with the three worst-affected being Strokel (RF), down 151 from 17th to 168th, Tom (TN), down 170 to 308th, and x5daisy (RF), down 167 to 334th, all down more than 150 places - this pick 'em is turning out to be almost as brutal as the real SFs promise to be!


Unprecedentedly, over 80% of entrants still have both of their finalists alive going into the semis, including all of the top 80 (and it might be all of the top 100+ if one entrant had not failed to make a pick for one of the semis and the Fi
Thanks Steven, you rule!
well, i dropped again thanks to today's one completed semifinal, and i actually couldnt be happier! go Fed! and awesome start, murray! just finish tomorrow.
You sound exactly like me. I picked Djoker over Fed, but I prefer Fed. And Andy. how can you not root for Andy. Let's get a 4th in the top tier.
Go Murray go. !!

There are a lot of entrants, mainly Brits, who are deliriously happy right now that their pick 'em chances have been smashed to smithereens - and I'm one of them!

While the Final can still cause lots of movement in the tables, we already have unassailable leaders in the teams league and the individual - well done to and to MC (MT), who has somehow managed to open up an 11 point lead over the best of the other 455 entrants! 2nd place, and virtually all of the other places, are still up for grabs in both competitions.

Detailed results (N.B. the changes in what is usually the "Today" column are for the semi-finals as a whole) can be found at as usual.


There was remarkably little movement in the teams league over the semis, with the top 6 remaining unchanged, BBC 606, up 2 to 7th, and the Dammitaires, down 2 to 9th after failing to score at all in the semis, swapping places, and the Feddies, up 1 to 11th after top scoring in the semis by far, overtaking the Ducklings, down 1 to 12th.

As mentioned above,'s lead is now unassailable, but 2nd placed TAT will drop to 3rd whoever wins the Final. (who did well in the SF round but didn't score huge even though their man came through unexpectedly because relatively few of them picked Fed to reach the Final as well) will finish 2nd if Muzza wins the title, but T4Y will do so (their best-ever finish) if Fed wins, a result which would also see the team from his site leap into the top half of the table right at the death and Tennisopolis escape from last place.

The two teams battling for 2nd place in the league are also fighting it out in the team KO 3rd place playoff so with both teams in the team KO Final being composite teams that can't score ranking points, the result of the USO Final will also determine whether or T4Y grab the 500 team ranking points available in that competition!


By getting both finalists correct, Canadian MC (MT), up 1 to 2nd, has snatched 1st place from long-time leader christian (BT) and now has an unassailable 11 point lead, having finished 1st= in all of the last four rounds! It looks like MT's crucial picks, as well as getting all of the semi-finalists and finalists correct, were del Potro to reach the QFs, and Querrey, Monfils & Andreev to reach the last 16.

goldfish (BT) up 1 to 3rd, completes the current top three but, like the 2nd placed entrant, can't score in the Final. She replaces team-mate Dusty Dick (BT), down 2 to 5th after failing to score in the semis, while Graphite Machete (TN), up 3 to 4th, who styles himself as a tennis racket (I assume that's what the name means) seems to have won one racket as well in the Tennisopolis site's "comp within this comp"!

Apart from tiphaniie (RG), down 4 to 9th, the rest of the top 10 are all from the same team - dssl973/Ma$terpiec£ (AM), up 38 to 6th, is the top-placed entrant with Muzza as his winner, with hfwardhouse (AM), up 12 to 10th, the only other entrant with Muzza to win who is currently in the top 80. miffy (AM), up 7 to 7th, and Claire Bear (AM), up 10 to 8th, complete the top ten.


Around 30 players (less than 7%) got both finalists correct. Of those, the three biggest risers were Gwigs (TN), up 129 to 193rd, mwoods (TA), up 123 to 177th and melissab (RF), up 123 to 144th. Many of the others who got both finalists correct went up over 100 places too.


Over 200 entrants failed to pick either finalist, including 7 of the post-QF top 10, three of whom managed to hold onto top 10 spots regardless! Those in mid-table who failed to score tended to drop about 50 places, with Lainey (TN), down 55 to 295th just edging the fastest faller spot from Sound (AM), down 54 to 293rd, liam_valid (CC), down 54 to 291st, DJ (IN), down 54 to 168th and Jack Buxton (IN), down 54 to 165th.

TEAM KO FINALS - based on QFs, SFs & Final - after 6 of 7 matches

FINAL: (9) RafaelNadalFans lead (10) Other Boards 21.4-19.13
3-4: (6) lead (5) 20.62-20.12
5-6: (2) TalkAboutTennis lead (1) 20.69-20.4
7-8: (13) Assorted Individuals lead (3) 17.81-14.17
9-10: (7) Centre Court Forum lead (16) 20-19.22
11-12: (12) lead (14) 19.61-18.78
13-14: (4) MensTennisForums lead (15) 19.8-15.21
15-16: (8) lead (11) BBC 606 boards 20.93-20.67
Why, yes sir, you are right!! Graphite Machete stands for my ProKennex Heritage Type C Redondo, which I invariably use like a machete on my backhand slices. Can't wait to play with the Avery M3, which happens to be 100% graphite too.

Kudos/thanks to you and the team for all the hard work and time you have invested in this effort.
Congratulations Graphite!!!!!
Indeed! congratulations! also, way to go, roger!!


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