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Come make your picks in our first annual US Open Bracket Challenge sponsored by Avery Racquets. Pick the most winners in the men's draw and WIN a new Avery M3 Control racquet, a $179.99 value. Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners of the US Open, or just have a fun time trying. The US Open bracket is in place. So NOW is THE time to enter your picks. Go to the Battle of The Boards headquarters and fill in the form.

Let's show all the other sites that we have the skillz to pay the bills. Be sure to select the Tennisopolis team name from the drop down menu. The Grand Prize is for the best score on the Tennisopolis team. Do it NOW or regret it for 2 weeks. :-)

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I forgot to print my selection before submitting. I can't seem to retrieve my selection although I submitted in time. Any help?

Edit: Found it.
Cool! how'd you do yesterday?
I think I did just okay. I am trying to figure out how to see my ranking.
Ranked 127 with 17 points. Not bad for a guessing game.
Day 2 'syndicated' report - motto: Every pick counts!

After another Muppet Show on Tuesday, 3/4 of R1 is complete. Detailed results can be found at

TEAMS rose no less than 7 places on Tuesday to take the lead - their 35 entrants have got 1189 (out of 35 x 48 = 1680) picks correct so far. They are followed by T4Y, unchanged in 2nd, with the equivalent of just over 1188 picks correct and TAT, up 1 to 3rd, with 1187 picks correct from their 35 entrants, while Monday's leaders, down 3 to 4th, have the equivalent of about 1183 picks correct. It couldn't be much closer, could it!

Further down the table, none of the top three teams in the overall rankings are in the top 6 at the USO so far, while at the bottom of the table, the Ducklings are quite a way off the pace, but they are not doing as badly as Tennisopolis, who are already disappearing into oblivion. So much for by far the biggest team being almost certain to be close to the average - the TNs are last even before averages are adjusted, which takes some doing!


Some consolation for the biggest team is that their leader, Mark (TN) WR 346 finished the day where he started, in 1=, as did first ever entrant Portsey (TB), whose task after this will be a recruit a full TB team before next time! They have been joined on 39/48 by another newbie, Fiercehart (TA), up 2 to 1=, with a score of 19/24 today.


The highest scorers of the day with 21/24 were Nicki (AM), up 123 to 4=, Ivanatis (MT) & rawr (RF), both up 233 to 12=, and biggest riser of the day JTContinental (IN), up a record-breaking 317 places to 41=!

The biggest faller of the day (another record, I think) was one of a handful of players with 11/24 who failed to break 50% on Tuesday - English-boy (AM) dropped 309 places from 27= to 436=.

However, despite there being 457 entrants and loads of shocks, the gorillas are going hungry at the moment, though they have 8 entrants within 3 points of them, 6 of them being TNs.


Round 1 concludes on Wednesday and Round 2 starts - the team KO competition will start at the end of R1, with R1 results used for seeding - remember that there are three composite teams to add to those in the teams league so that we get 16 taking part in the KO.
Thanks for that breakdown Steven.

Look at you Mark, you're kicking butt! Must be rigged LOL.
Fantastic! I like the new syndication! Very cool. And I CANT believe I'm still at the top of of this - I thought that was going to be a Monday only thing.
A quick announcement to all teams

I've got a couple more changes to make to the spreadsheets before day 3 starts - one entrant who was entered as an individual rather than the team they usually play for by mistake and one entrant who entered twice with identical picks but slightly different names thinking the first entry hadn't got through and needs to have one of those entries removed. Making changes at this late stage takes a disproportionate amount of time, so I really don't want to have to make any more after this (although obviously I will remove any more duplicate entries if we spot them or they are pointed out) - hence please let me know at by the start of play today if there are any other problems, else be prepared to be told that it's too late to fix them. Thanks everybody.
Here's today's 'syndicated' report:

There was still some severe muppetry going on during day 3 (Jesse Levine's immediate handing back of countless mini-breaks against erstwhile slam muppet Guccione will live long in the memory unfortunately) but there didn't seem to be many more shocks and all 456 entrants ended R1 with more than 55% and well out of the clutches of the gorillas.

Detailed results:

TEAMS LEAGUE extended their lead at the top of the teams league to more than half a point in adjusted average terms, with TAT, up 1 to 2nd, and the Dammitaires, up 3 to 3rd, completing the top three - the latter got the highest raw score of any team in the round. MTF, up 1 to 4th, and T4Y, down 3 to 5th, are both challenging hard for top three places too.

Further down the table, world no. 1 team CC are up 2 to 7th, i.e. still only halfway, with, down 4 to 8th, having dropped behind them and the first team with over 100 entrants, Tennisopolis, still rooted to the bottom. 14 of the bottom 21 players are part of the Tennisopolis team, which goes a long way towards explaining wy they are trailing so badly.


Seedings are based on adjusted USO R1 scores, but since each individual match only involves two teams, Team KO R1 scores will be based on unadjusted average USO R2 scores:


(9) RafaelNadalFans


(13) Assorted Individuals
(4) MensTennisForums


(11) BBC 606 boards

(7) Centre Court Forum
(10) Other Boards

(2) TalkAboutTennis


Pick 'em debutant Fiercehart (TA), one of Tuesday's three joint leaders, managed to stay on top, scoring 53/64 points in R1. This compares with 52-54 points for the R1 winners in slam pick 'ems in the last 12 months. Tuesday's other joint leaders have slipped back, Mark (TN) is down 15 to 16= and Portsey (TB) is down 32 to 33=.

Four entrants are within a point of the lead - randall six (IN), LINK3 (AM) and nicki (AM) all scored 14/16 on Wednesday to move up from 4= to 2=, while Big Al (CC), up 10 to 2=, equal top scored on Wednesday with 15/16.


No less than ten other players also managed 15/16 on Wednesday - goldfish (BT), petalp (CC) & Jean-Marc (BT) all moved up 35 to 6=; Nadia (MT) & Malteaser (BT) both rose 59 to 16=; Coldvodka (TN) moved up 106 to 33rd; defending US Open pick 'em Champion amalyn (MT) shot up 140 to 64=, as did Mariela (AR); Bruce (GR) soared 165 to 175=, while Boy Wonder (AR) rose 89 to 346=.


The lowest scorer on Wednesday was mandeeloub (TN), down 59 to 444= after scoring 8/16, but the biggest fallers were two of the players who scored 9/16 - rayko (TN), down 218 to 293=, and Shabba (IN), down 207 to 346=.


The average number of R2 winner picks surviving R1 per entrant is 26, but ptmcmahon (TA), up 11 to 64= on Wednesday, can potentially score in 30 of the 32 R2 matches! At the other end of the scale, marta (TN), down 9 to 444= on Wednesday, only has 20 of her 32 R2 winner picks playing in R2 in the first place.

Intriguingly (and giving hope even to those of us currently languishing near the bottom of the top 300!), last year's USO pick 'em winner amalyn (MT) was 10 points off the pace at the end of R1 last year, but recovered to win the title! Lest you think that's only because wins in the later rounds used to be weighted higher in the total than they are now (which is partly true), amalyn would still have finished 2nd after being 10 points off the pace even with the new scoring system in place! One of the R1 winners last year only just hung onto a place in the top half at the end too!
Hey, I moved back eleven spaces to fifth!
Cool. Now if Gulbis can beat Roddick, I'll make another jump.
i had isner getting all the way to the 4th round. whoops!
Ouch! I just got moved down 56 (120th) place.
it sucks that Tipsy's injured.
Great match played by Deheart, today


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