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Come make your picks in our first annual US Open Bracket Challenge sponsored by Avery Racquets. Pick the most winners in the men's draw and WIN a new Avery M3 Control racquet, a $179.99 value. Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners of the US Open, or just have a fun time trying. The US Open bracket is in place. So NOW is THE time to enter your picks. Go to the Battle of The Boards headquarters and fill in the form.

Let's show all the other sites that we have the skillz to pay the bills. Be sure to select the Tennisopolis team name from the drop down menu. The Grand Prize is for the best score on the Tennisopolis team. Do it NOW or regret it for 2 weeks. :-)

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Bummer, you missed it. The tournament started this morning at 11:00 ET.
Oh well. I'll send you a reminder for our next one... 2009 - ouch!
Wow, we have 133 entrants. That's major league!
Initial results are now up at - look which team's in last place (clue: it's a big one ;-)) but eeek, look which Mayor is in equal 1st after day 1!! I'd suggest it was fixed if it wasn't for the fact that I run it and I know it's not! LOL
Cool! I haven't won a pick-em since Women's Aussie 04, something like that anyway. But I'm getting ahead of myself. ;-) I had a good day one. Who knows if Rafa will even bea able to win this one.
Nice goin', Mark! You're killin' it, kid!
i am an idiot! i was in a big hurry that day so i signed up with all my picks and hit submit, then ran out of the house and realized that i didn't print out my picks. i don't remember my picks but oh well. =)
go roger!
That is a lot of detail. I hope you have some computer program that helps you organize all of that data.
Mark! You DID get it right this time! Way to go!

Man, I thought for sure I picked Kei Nishikori, but looks like I didn't.
Wow! I guess I did.
Read 'em and weap people, read 'em and weap!

tennis pick-em standings

You're doing good to Lainey!
Good job to Cliff and Victor too!
Oh, and by the way, I am going to excuse myself from the Avery racquet of course - that just wouldn't be right. I hate to have to pass that up because I've always wanted to try an M3, but..... wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, we're only half a round in.
*weep* not weap.


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