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Come make your picks in our first annual US Open Bracket Challenge sponsored by Avery Racquets. Pick the most winners in the men's draw and WIN a new Avery M3 Control racquet, a $179.99 value. Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners of the US Open, or just have a fun time trying. The US Open bracket is in place. So NOW is THE time to enter your picks. Go to the Battle of The Boards headquarters and fill in the form.

Let's show all the other sites that we have the skillz to pay the bills. Be sure to select the Tennisopolis team name from the drop down menu. The Grand Prize is for the best score on the Tennisopolis team. Do it NOW or regret it for 2 weeks. :-)

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I already entered before I sent the message. Will look forward to a women's bracket in the future.
Thanks, this will be fun.
Big news! The entries are still pouring in and Our Team (Tennisopolis) has by far the most entrants! Good job everyone - now we need someone to win it!

List of entrants to date (they update this periodically.)
Is the Avery bracket challenge something seperate from the Battle of the boards?
No it's not, and I have to say that we, who put hours and hours of work into running BOTB, are not too happy about it being implied at various points in this thread that someone else is running it. Apologies for getting annoyed if that isn't what was meant to be implied, but judging by ThePoet's post, it's not just us who think it's been made to look ambigious.

Onto more practical matters, it looks like we might hit the limit on the number of players we can cope with this time, since we've already got 424 - not shown on the list of entrants yet because we are still working through the overnight entrants.

We may have a non-spreadsheet system at some point in the future which can cope with more, though we might still impose a limit in order to avoid it becoming as impersonal as the ATP bracket challenge, but as it says on the competitions page, on the entry form (the "N.B. Entries may close earlier in the unlikely event that we reach the 500 limit before the deadline - more details on the Competitions page. " under the deadline date) and on the entry reminder emails, 500 is the limit for now.

As explained on, which you get to by clicking the "Detailed note" link next to the 5000 limit warning on the competitions page, if we exceed 500, the top 250 in the overall rankings after Cincy AMS will get automatically accepted, with the remaining spaces (which will probably be more than 250 because I'm sure we won't get all of the top 250 entering) being allocated on a first-come first-served basis, but players outside the top 250 in any team with more than 100 will be cut back first, to avoid ending up with one huge team and lots of very small ones, which wouldn't be good for the teams comp.

Another consequence of this is that we are going to have to start being more draconian about rejecting entries with errors in them - an entry with an error in it takes 5-20 times as long to process as a correct one depending on the type of error and with so many entries flooding in, we don't have time to spend on this - and, to be honest, if an entrant can't be bothered to take a couple of seconds to check the error messages just above the Submit button before submitting, why should we spend much more time than that trying to help them? (we won't reject entries with tiny, easy to correct errors on them, but any with erros that are time-consuming to sort out will be weeded out after entries close so that we can let in more of the ok ones)

In that context, the error rate (number of errors per entrant) on Tennisopolis entries (about 1 entry with errors in every 4 Tennisopolis entries is the last estimate I've got) is about 5x as high as the error rate on non-Tennisopolis entries.

At a guess, and looking at the way entries have come in during the last few hours of other slam pick 'ems, I would say it's unlikely that any error-free entries for the Tennisopolis team that have been received so far won't be accepted (it's just about possible that the last few might not be, but anyone who made an error-free entry up to about 22.00 US EDT on Sunday will definitely get in), but in order to avoid disappointment later, I should probably say now that it is quite likely that entries placed later than this note is being posted may not make it into the competition.

It goes without saying that you are welcome to enter in case there are enough spaces left as long as you realise that there's a chance of you not getting in. N.B. Because we won't know how many of the top 250 have entered until the deadline and won't be able to do final error-checking before then, appearance on the provisional list of entrants does not guarantee that you will make the final cut.

Of course, if you print off you entry, then even if you don't get in, you can enjoy scoring yourself and working out where you would have finished.
Sorry Steven,
Any confusion about the relationship of our internal contest and the broader Battle of The Boards contest was entirely accidental. We appreciate all that you do in organizing the entries and running the contest. If there is any more we at Tennisopolis can do to help, please let me know.

The Tennisopolis Bracket Challenge, which is sponsored by Avery, is our team competition within Battle Of The Boards (BOTB). The Tennisopolis member with the most correct picks in the US Open bracket wins the Grand Prize. We are continuing to participate in the BOTB administered by, that way we get to test our skills against the other tennis message boards out there, and our members that have already accumulated points in the Battle Of The Boards can still go for the end of year title.

I hope this clears it up.

Just wanted to acknowledge you for your effort with this website. I appreciate you.

I just had a question: I entered the battle of the boards as usual, through the email I received from Steven,
So does this make me eligible for the racquet?

You are welcome. Thanks for being so active here. :-)
As long as you selected Tennisopolis as your team, you are in the running.
Urgent: We have two entries from "Jeff" (from the email addresses, they seem to be different people) and two entries from "David" (ditto), all for Tennisopolis. Although we do get suplicate names sometimes, we don't usually get duplicates fro mthe same board, since most people are sensible enough to use their logon name from the board in questions when entering.

For the moment I have changed the names to Jeff (TN1), Jeff (TN2), David (TN1) and David (TN2), but to help avoid confusion in future:

- if either of the Jeffs or either of the Davids sees this, please can they email with their actual logon name (please let us know when you entered / and or your semi-finalist picks too so that we can work out which one you are)

- please would anyone entering in future use their Tennisopolis logon name so this can't happen again

Many thanks
The same goes for the two entrants called "Jason" from Tennisopolis ...
Good news, I think - as far as we can gather (the person with the entries has internet problems at the moment), there was no last minute rush (I guess with all the boards knowing about the limit, people got in early this time) and it looks like everyone from here who entered without serious errors on their entry form will get in.

Given the internet problems, it's hard to know when results will be up, but it will be before the start of day 2 as originally advertised on the entry successful page. If it's before that, I'll post again here.

Good luck!
Can't enter this contest anymore? :(


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