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I have this idea for this thread.
You know how there are all these kernels of tennis wisdom that are easier said than done? They can be so frustrating in their simplicity. Let's list all the prophetic one-liners in this thread. Try to avoid discussion, oh, and one at a time please. :-)

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Brush up the back of the ball for topspin.
Don't lift your head to admire your stroke.
Pocket the ball for a better volley--way easier said than done.

Track it Till You Whack it...
Watch the Ball Bounce...
Toss at your swing, NOT Swing at your toss (Serve)
Don't use the expensive part of your racket...your frame!
say "Are you sure"?
I like "toss at your swing" for the service tip. I think I'll put that one to good use tonight.
Just watch the ball.
Racquet back.
Move the feet.
coach: gitchr feeta movin!! hit through the ball!

me: okay coach
Get the ball in?

or as my mixed doubles partner once told me... "Look are you the 5.0 or wot? Will you POUND THE GIRL and prove it. This guy is killing me."

then, she also told me, "Who's the man in this match?"

course, after I hit a sweet Overhead winner from No Man's Land..I turned to her and said, "Who's the Man?!"
another classic...

coaching my boys in a doubles match after my number one seeded boys were down 1-4 to some no names at the State Qualifying...
"If you don't get your HEAD out of your ___, you will be running so much, you'll think you're on the crosscountry team. Get in there and kill it, kill the ball, kill something."

They won the next 11 games.


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