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All i'm trying to do is find people to play tennis with. I check on the groups, and they are scattered across the country. Why would anyone care about tennis groups 3000 miles away? All i want to do is find people to play tennis with in the Metro-Detroit area, population 3 million or so. Am i doing something terrible wrong, or is this site simply useless? Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone else out there as frustrated as i am?

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This site is not useless! If not for this site, I wouldn't be playing tennis! Check the Court Time tab at the top for events in your area. I stumbled acroos Tennisopolis and created the Tampa Group because I was new to the game and didn't know anyone, nor did I know how to meet players and no group here. Now there are 70 people in the group and I'm playing every week!!

If you aren't getting a response from the Detroit Group (is there even a Detroit group??)....create your own Detroit Group! Take charge and get something started! Good luck..... and if you have any questions about starting a group feel free to ask!
Chrisje, Thanks for sharing your experience here and offering to help Jim. I hear where Jim is coming from - some of the groups do not have regular meeting times set up, and that is up to each group - but they are still useful to help locate the Tennisopolis members in your town. As with anything in life, I find that you tend to get out what you put in. The more you introduce yourself to people, the more likely you are to meet some people. Just like at a high school social, wall flowers wilt on the sidelines of life. (I just made that up.) :-)

beautiful mixed metaphor. ;)
well, i guess i simply assumed a network was already in place. i didn't have realize i would have to create my own. yes, i started a group, but i didn't think i would have to be this patient. i'm used to organizing stuff like this, i'm just tired of it. i just wanted to join up with others. maybe i didn't realize how new this site was, for so few people in my area to be using it.
Welcome to the site Jim. Hang in there. Looks like people in Detroit just discovered Tennisopolis - Mike started the Detroit Metro Group about 3 weeks ago - and there's already 19 members.

The reason there are local tennis groups "scattered across the county" is because people like tennis everywhere! It's not just a Detroit sport. ;-) Members have created meet-up groups on Tennisopolis in about 190 different cities and towns.

To answer your question as to whether you are doing something wrong. I don't think so, but I think introducing yourself to members in Detroit by leaving messages on their page is the best way to set up a singles match. For group meetings, I suggest that you create an "event" in court time and use the invite feature to invite the players that you want.

Another tip: share a lot about yourself on your profile page. People respond well to that. They generally are quicker to open up to someone that is open.

Anyway, thanks for starting the Ferndale Group, it will fill up soon enough - especially if you spread the word.

Thanks. I'm sorry. I guess i was in a bit of a bad mood to begin with when i originally wrote my negative comment. I'll keep working on it.
No problem, I know what it is like when you just want to GET OUT ON THE COURT RIGHT NOW. Believe me, it beats tapping on the keyboard anyday. ;-) Looks to me like the Detroit Group is big enough to get a group thing going. I'd start an event called Our First Meet-up or something and invite all the members. You'll probably get about 7 and you can split up on two courts, and go from there. That's how Tampa, Mid-Peninsula, San Antonio and many other groups did it when they first started.

This site is an incredible resource for tennis players (not just in terms of finding players to hit with), in fact this site is more about connecting tennis players on all aspects of the games (fan, players, coaches, etc).

In terms of finding players to hit with, why dont you just call up a few clubs near you? That way you dont have any need to wait for anything.

I suggest joining a 3.5 league near you and then you can have 20 players to hit with.

Just some thoughts
joining a 3.5 league near me? i have no idea what you're talking about. i've never heard of such a thing. this is the only "club" "near" me that i've heard about, and yet there doesn't seem to be any place they meet or play. i really need to know what you're talking about with these possible clubs i could call. what, do i just type in tennis clubs in google? well, i'll try that right now.

by the way, my biggest frustration with this site is that it doesn't stay local. like craigslist, when i'm looking to buy or sell something, i don't care what's going on in boston, let's say. i only care about local stuff. why would i care about tennis clubs a thousand miles away? i don't get that.
Jim, not an "online club"....a real tennis club. call a tennis club via telephone and ask what programs they have going on. They will tell you, then you will have people to hit with.

Im a tennis pro, I set things up like this every week.

I can't tell if your being an ass or really dont know what how to find tennis club in Detroit. Sarcasm is hard to pick off online.

Good luck
Well...I have only been a member for a few days but it seems like other social sites. If you don't know anyone you will be hard pressed to meet them here. I am currently living in Dallas, Texas and, like you, all I want to do is find people to play tennis with (without having to join a really expensive club.) I'm going to give it about a month and if I haven't actually found someone or a group to hit with I am pulling my membership. So yes....I share your frustration.
I think you and Steve are missing the point about what this site is supposed to be-- Mark, correct me if I am mistaken--

This IS supposed to be a social site. Tennis players, fans, those just intested in the game have a place to chat about common interests, meet new people in their area and around the world. As the site has evolved, instructional and humourous videos are now posted, pics from all over, and a Court Time area has been added so locals can meet up.

Mark can't be the Activities Director for the world..... someone locally has to take the initiative to start something. Post a meet up on Court Time at some local public courts, ask the Group Creator for the group in your city to post on the group page then send a message out to the group members, put a free posting on Craigslist directing them to your Tennisopolis group. It takes a little time and effort but in the end is well worth it. I bought a racquet and hopper with balls in October 07 so I could beat it around the court and hopefully find someone to hit with (unsuccessfully I might add). About Feb/Mar 08 I found Tennisopolis, started the Tampa Group and that has just evolved into 71 members and I am playing each week. Plus I have gained knowledge by chatting with folks in here about equipment, lessons, etc. and made friends across the country!

I hope this changes your perception of the site and that you will use the resources available to meet players and find a game!


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