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It is basically a pick ems game in which teams(message boards) compete against other teams. So Tennisopolis would compete as a team against other message boards,like MTF or british tennis and so on. If you guys are interested in competing as a team at this years AO maybe the site administrator can contact the British tennis site administrator(steven) and ask him to register us as a team so we can compete. If not the AO then maybe the next masters event or slam. Here is a link so that you can read up on it.

By the way if this post needs to be moved feel free to move it where it belongs :)

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This sounds interesting. I'll have to look into it. Have yo ever played this inter-board challenge before?

Yes I've played many times, it's allot of fun. Steven basically lays out the draw a few days before the event and you pick who you think is going to win round by round all the way up to the final. You can play with your team or as a individual. There is also another pick ems game that is played on your own board amongst your own members. Both are pretty fun.
I was thinking about running one here. Where does the other pick-em game like that come from, Steven also?
Oh no, you can do it on your own. IIRC it's something like this, the person who is running the game will choose whichever matches they please. So for the first round the person in charge would pick 10 matches, those playing the game will pick a winner from each match and will either win one point for each correct pick if it's the regualar pick em game that is being played or between 1-10 points in the confidence pick ems game.Where you'd bet 10 points on the player you're most confident will win and 1 point on the player you think has a chance of winning but you aren't as confident. Like if it was Federer vs Roddick you'd probably bet 10 points on Roger, but a match between Nadal and Djokovic you might think Nadal will win but Djokovic has also has good shot so you'd bet a lower number on Nadal since you aren't as confident. And you do this for each round all the way to the final. Whoever has accumulated the most points wins. I hope I didn't confuse you LOL :) Or you can just adopt Steven's format and implement it here:)
No, you didn't lose me. How do we do it on our own? Just earlier today I was surfing around for a system we could use here.

I have not ruled out doing the battle of the boards. I'm still thinking about the consequences of that.

thanks for all your help.
You would just start a pick ems thread and play the game in there,unless there is a better opition( I haven't seen the entire board yet). With the confidence game you still play it in a thread but people pm their bets to the person running the game. So you post the standings after each round in the thread. What would the counsequences be of a battle of the boards?
Oh wait, you mean how to we do the battle of the boards version on our own? That's a good question, I have no idea LOL. I don't know how the British tennis board came up with that. But having our own version of that would be cool.
I wrote those guys and haven't heard back. I'm starting to think we are too late. I ws too slow to make up my mind. I know Blue wrote them too. Blue, did you hear back?
Indeed I did, Mark. Here are the basic instructions from Steven:


Thanks for your message.

I'll add tennisopolis to the teams dropdown list on the entry form. Then all you need to do is make sure you notice when entries open (*) and let your friends on know so that they enter in time (the deadline is likely to be about midnight GMT on Sunday unless play starts before that) and you end up with a worthwhile team.

(*) ways to do this:

- send your email address to and we'll email you when entries open (or whisper it to me here if you can work out how to do that)
- or just keep an eye on the pick em thread at through Friday

Good luck


I suppose now we'll have to give them an e-mail address, or just follow the thread. What's best for everyone else? I think if we just follow the pick 'ems thread, everyone can see what's going on.

Cool. I ahve to run to work now. I'll look at this later but I think following the thread is the best route. How many players do we need. We have three confirmed. p,b,m We may be able to get the new member from Atlanta, nan, flea. I can send out a general message to members who say they are "fans."

Oh great :) I don't remember how many you need to play on a team, maybe 6, but I"m not 100% sure. Some boards have huge numbers and I think they are seperated from the groups with smaller numbers.
poet, where is the sign up page for the pick-em at anymurray? i posted this question in teh discussion there just now.

We can get 6 i think. we have 3 for sure.


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