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So I recently purchased the Head Radical Backpack online and I have to say I'm really disappointed with it.

1. The strap that holds the racquets in place is really poorly designed and is hard to snap in around two racquets.
2. It came with this "rain guard" that will only cover the bag without the racquets in it... which totally defeats the purpose of the bag.
3. There are no mesh pockets on either side of the bag for a water bottle or can of balls.
4. The hole for head phones to the mp3 compartment is really small and difficult to get your headphone jack through.

So overall, I wouldn't suggest this bag. But what I am wondering is if anyone else has bought a racquet backpack and what you think of yours. After doing some browsing (after the fact because I'm an idiot and just wanted to match my racquets with this bag) I've seen ones that have a nice sleeve that will zip around the grips of the racquets to keep them safe from the elements. I wonder if there's anywhere that I can just pick up on of these...

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I was thinking about looking for one as well so I appreciate reading your input here. Gives me some things to think about. You might try searching for the brand name you like online to see what retailers near you sell them. Also check out eBay, you can find new items there from time to time. Good luck...and let us know which one you pick!
I appreciate that feedback too!!! I would probably "match" and only buy a Wilson bag too, so don't fault yourself there....I'm probably going for the larger bag since I carry so much crap to the courts with me!
Great post, I was thinking of buying this bag but now I think I'll have to continue searching.
what about this one? =)
* Dimensions: H18" x W11.5" x D8
* Main compartment can hold 3 racquets without covers
* Padded and adjustable straps
* Mesh side pocket for water bottle or can of balls
* Colors: Blue/Brown
I glanced at that Nike bag, Chris. It wasn't my style. I don't know how the functionality of is though. That's pretty impressive that it can fit three racquets though and it looks like it has a decent amount of pockets.

I think what I would look for when buying a backpack is "handle protection." It's a nice feature, like with this Babolat bag...

I mean, even if you're just driving to the club and it raining/snowing or a nasty mix of both, you're not going to want to let your grips get wet.

But I mean, these are also available on Tennis Warehouse if this is more *ahem* your style...

Maybe you think you're the Tiger Woods of tennis or something. But if not, don't worry! Bears, ducks, pigs, bulldogs, and gators are also available. ::shakes head:: is not easy to find a really good tennis backpack i guess.
those handle protectors are so funny, even tho i don't want one. q~~p
so funny! I guess they need to make some "raging bull" ones to commemerate Rafa's Wimbledon victory. ;-)


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