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>>> DEADLINE HAS PASSED - NO MORE ENTRIES p style="text-align:left">Come show us your stuff!


I mean show us your tennis knowledge in the first annual Wimbledon Bracket Challenge. Correctly pick the winners in the Men's matches and win... the right to brag for an entire year.

Click here.


Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners of Wimbledon, or just have a fun time trying.

The bracket is ready. Make your predictions right here at and represent Tennisopolis with us. runs a "Battle Of The Boards" in which about 15 different tennis websites compete against one another. We (Tennisopolis) blew them away the last time with the second most participants and several players toward the top of the leader board. (Congrats MikeIndo!)

Entries are due Sunday night, so go ahead an enter right now.

If you need any help, ask ThePoet or me.

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Maybe they would be able to get to this page if they weren't so tramautized by that disturbing picture on the main page ERRRRRRRGHGHbgblalhhhhhhhhhh
tramautizing? LOL. So i moved it off the front page and onto this one. You like Andrew? :-)
oh God. now I have to see it everytime I click on the next page number :'(
Are the entries closed already??
Yes, The entries close before matches start. Elaine, please don't tell me you missed the boat again. :-)
Oh Elaine, I'm sorry to see that it looks like you missed it again. Well at least you can follow along at home. Here's the list of Tennisopolis team members below. So, did you just forget?

TN Andrewopolis USA 446 2008-06-22T14:19:03.
TN birdword USA NEW 2008-06-22T00:35:24.
TN Brent CAN 472 2008-06-21T09:57:46.
TN chrisje USA NEW 2008-06-22T00:25:44.
TN Dan1 USA NEW 2008-06-21T16:43:22.
TN DanChen USA NEW 2008-06-21T22:28:03.
TN Don USA 583 2008-06-21T16:57:31.
TN driftin02 USA 501 2008-06-21T05:48:49.
TN eden IND NEW 2008-06-21T04:22:49.
TN Glennjamin CAN NEW 2008-06-21T00:56:39.
TN Goose USA NEW 2008-06-21T18:39:10.
TN Gordo Wilson USA NEW 2008-06-20T22:12:45.
TN Hot Rod Huntley USA NEW 2008-06-20T18:57:37.
TN Jaon USA NEW 2008-06-20T19:17:55.
TN Jay USA 437 2008-06-23T06:49:54.
TN Jimmy Crack Corn IRL NEW 2008-06-21T02:48:48.
TN Jon Pennington Pics USA 450 2008-06-22T19:52:38.
TN kinkybear HKG NEW 2008-06-21T04:14:32.
TN Knitcole22 USA 592 2008-06-21T19:50:37.
TN Lana BIH NEW 2008-06-22T17:38:04.
TN Mark USA 330 2008-06-20T15:14:31.
TN mikeindo USA 163 2008-06-22T06:18:39.
TN moses lester USA NEW 2008-06-22T22:00:38.
TN p0ntus USA 355 2008-06-23T07:33:36.
TN phillycheesesteaks POL 333 2008-06-21T21:04:38.
TN RG USA NEW 2008-06-21T22:58:27.
TN robert d. vigil USA NEW 2008-06-21T00:43:04.
TN shaunyoung CAN NEW 2008-06-22T19:02:26.
TN SoftHandsMacGruber USA NEW 2008-06-21T09:08:29.
TN Steph USA NEW 2008-06-21T00:34:13.
TN StevenNLA USA NEW 2008-06-21T16:46:40.
TN tennis baller USA 440 2008-06-22T20:55:58.
TN ThePoet USA 240 2008-06-22T00:43:45.
TN Van Sias USA 397 2008-06-23T07:03:13.
TN Varun IND NEW 2008-06-23T00:53:06.
TN Wesley USA NEW 2008-06-21T19:41:15.
haha wow, my first name is actually first in something for once! woO! with my last name I'd be like in the middle of the list :(
add a link to the current standings plz?
oh so the standings page won't even be published until evening time in the UK..


GO HEWITT! and Bag! the other's are obvious (Nole).

and ANA!

Thomas Johansson SWE..

wow I'm on a roll!

glad I didn't pick Querry!

I think I picked Kevin Kim over Soderling though.. a risky pick but Kim had a 6-0 second set.. oh well.
looking at the current matches in progress, a few of my other's are in trouble, only about 3-4 though!
what the heck is happening to nalbandian!? and pooooor spadea. i thought karlovic and kohlschreiber's recent results woulda meant at least one Wimb win! guess not. thought querrey would win too. so how do they count it for withdrawals? i picked monfils to beat guccione; instead the guy who replaced monfils beat guccione. do i get any points?
ok, so nalbandian's out. i had him going to the 4th round, losing there to whom? ivo karlovic. thanks guys!!!


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