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I think...
10 & under Tennis will work on a recreational level faster than that of a Elite Tournament Training level.

Teaching my Baby = 4YO Girl. She is Hitting a regular ball over the net with a Dora 19in Racquet.
I let her hit as much as possible. When she goes to her first Tournament match she will be in that 10 & under Group using quick start. But, she will have a greater advantage over other kids because she will be hitting regular ball earlier. Her Learning Curve will be better than the other kids in her age that strictly use quick start.

Quick start is a tool to build confidence & to get younger kids starting earlier.
So the answer is Yes/NO.

My Reason is....
If coaching doesn't get any better in the US it really doesn't matter what the kids are using. they will still lack the ability to perform. Only the naturally talented players will make it.


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there is no need to correct. Did you check out my blog about the Repetition and Trial & error Mark Mayor?

Are you saying that kids should just hit any old way they want and that they will figure out how to get it in the court? Technique is not important? Don't tell PTR and USPTA that they will be out of business.

I do like the Caddyshack saying, "be the ball Danny, be the ball."

um yes. & who has the pta & ptr produced? or has it been individuals. kids figuring it out is called learning.  is public schools you have good teachers bad teachers & great teachers. i would say that there are more good teachers than bad but also few great teachers. you can say that im 

GTV = GTO manga reference.

Don't forget Youth League Tennis Org. Yes it does work.

in the movie get low. the Guy frpm ghost busters says. you will never be a good sales person unless you know. I took that and said.

You will never be great in tennis unless you know. so yes trial & error with mentoring and guidance from a educated tennis pro like myself. & also know that there is more than 1 or 2 ways to get it done. I have multiple way. more than 4 ways to show how to hit pro level forehands ETC ETC so on and forth. waving my own flag.....


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