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Get entered in our next pick-em contest here at Tennisopolis. Show your knowledge and predict the winners in the French Open, or just have a fun time trying.

The bracket is now set, just make your predictions here at and represent Tennisopolis with us. runs a "Battle Of The Boards" and we blew them away the last time with the most participants and the Pick-em winner, Greg. (Congrats Greg!)

Let's get at least 50 entrants from Tennisopolis this time. Entries are due Friday night, so stay tuned to this thread.

If you need any help, ask ThePoet or me.

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Thanks Mark. Just to let you know, qualifiers have now been placed and we've already had a few entrants from this site - you can enter here until 09.00 GMT (= 5 am US Eastern, 2 am US Pacific) on Sunday, which realistically means by the end of Saturday if you are in the Americas.

Good luck emulating Greg's feat from the last time lots of you played!
UPDATE (being pasted into all boards with more than 5 entrants so far so apologies for the lack of formatting!)

Many thanks to those of you who have already entered. I am writing to confirm that the following changes to the draw have been made as a result of player withdrawals today:

Tsonga has been replaced by (LL) Luis Horna (PER), who will play Scoville Jenkins (USA) in R1
Fognini has been replaced by (LL) Josselin Ouanna (FRA), who will play Juan Martin del Potro (ARG) in R1
Kiefer has been replaced by (LL) Marc Lopez (ESP) who will play (26) Jarkko Nieminen (FIN) in R1

Anyone who started their entry after about 18.10 GMT today will have used an entry form with these changes already made.


Don't worry, it is definitely NOT essential to enter again - if you don't change your entry, you will simply score points if Horna wins any matches you predicted that Tsonga would win, and so on. None of the withdrawals so far are likely to affect many of you that much.

However, if you do want to make changes, please do a full new entry at [url][/url] if at all possible (this will only take a minute or two if you printed your original entry and can transfer the picks off that) and put NEW in after your name so that we know the entry is a replacement.

Although it says on the 'entry successful' page that minor changes can be made by email, it will take us a lot longer to start doing results if we are swamped with email changes, so we'd much rather you didn't do it that way unless you have no other option, e.g. if you weren't able to print your original entry and can't remember your other picks. If that was the case, we'll try to process any emailed changes. Changes by PM on this board will probably NOT get picked up, so please don't do it that way, whatever you do.


If there are any even later changes between now and when play starts, I probably won't have time to come around the boards again, but if you notice any and want to make any further changes to your entry, please follow the advice above. Nobody will be able to make changes after play starts.


Entries per team up to about 19.00 GMT today, i.e. 14 hours before the deadline. Shown for all AO teams (even if no RG entries yet) and the four new teams for RG:

25 = 11% RF
25 = 11% AM
24 = 11% TA (new team)
23 = 11% CC CentreCourtHavoc
19 = 9% IN Individuals (no team)
18 = 8% BT
15 = 7% TY
13 = 6% TN
11 = 5% MT MensTennisForums
10 = 5% AR
10 = 5% RG
9 = 4% GR
6 = 3% JM (new team)
5 = 2% ND (new team)
3 = 1% SG
1 = 0% TM (new team)
1 = 0% BZ BritishTennisZone
0 = 0% BB BBC boards ( 8 ) -100% 8
0 = 0% MK MarkKnowlesTennis ( 8 ) -100% 0
0 = 0% VB ( 6 ) -100% 0
0 = 0% LT The LTA ( 1 ) -100% 0

Teams below the line haven't reached the 5-entrant threshold needed to take part in the teams competition yet, but there are still over 12 hours left to enter - entries at [url][/url] close at 09.00 GMT (10 am UK, 11.00 CET, 5 am US Eastern) on Sunday.


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