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Hi everyone,
Test your pick-em skills in our bracket challenge. Just make your predictions here at and represent Tennisopolis with us.

For the Aussie Open we had about 12 of us from Tennisopolis enter, let's get atleast 20 of us this time. Entries are due Wednesday, so just go ahead and make you picks now.

If you need any help, ask ThePoet or me.

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Oh man that is awesome! Face it dude: You rock.

Here it is:

These are the standings going into this tournament. You can scroll down to the "T" teams and mouse over our group name, and the link is incorrect. But if it's correct everywhere else, this shouldn't be a problem. The page is hard to find anyway; I had to click a bunch of stuff just to remember where'd I'd seen it in the first place!
It looks like we have 32 people on our team, WOW!
Imagine how huge our team is going to be for the French!

I'll try to stop by and give an update on how we're doing tomorrow. Or ofcourse anyway else can do it if they'd like. :)
Wow that's insane. Mark really got the word out!

The majority of the teams have Roger or Nole winning. I believe Roddick is 3rd most picked (which sounds like I'm not the only one who picked him in the final). Our team looks good though

I realised that other link was specifically for AO '08 :| Heh, I'm getting the hang of it...ah but the link to our place is still incorrect.
Cool! 32! I didn't even know we had that many.

I picked Fed - I'm feeling that he wants payback.
It was hard for me to go against Nole given his form. I think he's going to knock Nadal out of the number 2 slot shortly. I wonder if Fish will have another good tournament or will he have a let down, he's not the fittest player out there you know.

It looks like we have some members doing really well so far. Blueshirt, Oceanrobot and a few others are doing really well right now.
You know how everyone filled out their draws?
You might be able to e-mail Steven and ask him for your draw. I don't think we can see who others have picked though, other than who they predicted to win the whole thing.
I happy today, I've made a lot of correct decisions on this bracket challenge. I called Fish losing today. But not Safin. I'm happy the Serbians are doing well so far.
Is there anywhere of seeing our challenges? I had a hard time printing my entire sheet and curious every one I picked?
Thanks. Thanks again for the challenge, great idea!
Fish totally screwed my bracket. In fact, let me check my printout. Oo..I had Fish going to the Qs.
What the?? Monfils defeated Isner? Ya know, I felt like the Americans would have some patriotic support to help them through a few matches, but I guess there aren't too many people in the stands early in the tourney.

Maybe someone else will know how to check your picks, Elaine. My printout looks kinda weird and printed on an unecessay amount of paper. But it works.

I knew Isner would lose that one, but Berrer and Cilic screwed me today:(
I had Cilic and Berrer winning today too :(
But my entire bracket has gone to hell in a hand basket since Nole is now out. I felt suspicious about the Anderson kid, but I tend to second guess my gut often (will when I learn?) Sam is out. Nalb is out. Gasquet is out. Del Potro is out. I'm destitute.
But our team still looks good! If Fed wins, Hooray!
I know the feeling, I second guess myself too much also and boy has it screwed me in this game :(
Nole is gone, Nalby's gone, Cilic is gone. Boy, I need Roddick and Tsonga to stay alive for awhile.


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