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Hi everyone,
Test your pick-em skills in our bracket challenge. Just make your predictions here at and represent Tennisopolis with us.

For the Aussie Open we had about 12 of us from Tennisopolis enter, let's get atleast 20 of us this time. Entries are due Wednesday, so just go ahead and make you picks now.

If you need any help, ask ThePoet or me.

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Remember to enter your name like this:
The Tennisopolis team code is TN
So, I'm Mark/ USA/ TN

And make sure to select Tennisopolis in the Team section below that.

Sweet, looks like we're from TN (get it?).

Ahem, anyway, I started my braket last night on but realized my demise last time was making picks before the qualies were over. So, I'll do it at the last minute tonight.
There are so many inconsistent players matched against eachother in the first rounds, it's hard to guess who will be having a good day (which is what it usually boils down to early in the tournament).
I picked prior to teh qualifiers getting placed because I didn't want to forget and miss the deadline.

Do you think Fed will win this one?
Or will Fish have another great tourney?

Yeah, I'm going to wait until I know who the qualifiers are before I enter my bracket. There are some tough ones.
Khalil's wife is in again. He reminded me that she got second here during the AO.
Did Bill B get first?
Ok great! Do you mean number 1 for our team or the overall number 1? If I recall, there was a member on our team from Japan who came in 3rd. I can't remember this members name though.
Doh! All I had to do was look at the standings from the Australian lol. The members name is Kuda. I'll try to message him/her.
Actually, I can't find Kuda or Bill Baker in the member search.
Kuda... hmm was he in the Athens Tennis Demons?
I left Bill B a message - he truncated his name.
I wonder how many entrants we have.
I know Elaine and BigMike entered.
Can you check our numbers at britishtennis P?
Alright I'm in. Whew! Last minute again, which was simply accidental. I almost got caught up on that Santoro/Bjorkman match! Man I'd love to see it.

So how many we got??
Hey guys, just a heads up.
I moused over our previous team and the link leads to another community. You might want to check it Steven to make sure he's got the correct link this time. Honest mistake on his part I'm sure.

Where exactly was this? I tried a few places and it looked right.

Also, check out this note I just got from BritishTennis:

Hi Mark

Thank you for your email. If you've been the person doing the 'recruiting' on tennisopolis, you've done a brilliant job - the last time I updated the master sheet with new entrants, you had the second biggest team with more than 20 entrants :-)



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