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At 8:31pm on August 26, 2008, Lou Lom said…
Hi Scott,
What time and days do you play? Where in Kaneohe do you play? We live in Kailua.
My husband plays Sr. and Super Sr. 7.0. He's a strong 3.5 and would like to play maybe 1-2x a week more. He plays weekends at Punahou. I'm a 3.5, are there women who play too? I wouldn't mind playing with women if it's early morning or eve when it's cooler, I have to be out of the sun (bad for increasing my ana's which kill off my platelets). We are also gracious winners and losers, more fun that way.
At 3:44pm on August 26, 2008, Crys said…
Hey Scott how is it going? All is well here over in beautiful Florida. Just getting ready to go to the US Open. This year I will be attending the Quarters and the Final MAJOR EXCITEMENT!!!
How is it in HI? Gotta get there one day, although I am a little worried about those volcanoes. Well take care til next time!

At 3:26pm on August 24, 2008, Mark / The Mayor said…

The US Open is already here, so NOW is the time to come make your picks in the US Open Bracket Challenge sponsored by Avery Tennis.

Little known facts:
1. It's free.
2. It's fun.
3. The Grand Prize is a new Avery M3 Control racquet.
4. Do I need any more reasons?
5. It's more fun to follow the tourney when you have points at stake.
6. Bragging rights.
7. OK, I'm all out...

Come fill in your bracket, more info here.
At 3:05pm on August 11, 2008, Crys said…
Well I am due for a vacation! :)
At 10:54am on August 7, 2008, Makisha Lester said…
I just read your message from a while back and I am flattered and giggled the whole way through. Thanks for the compliments and nice meeting you. Take care. lol

At 7:30am on July 31, 2008, Catherine said…
Wow, you really are persistent! It is going to be hard for you not to improve with your persistence and love for tennis..

Currently I am still having problems playing a real game.. I still feel I cannot play my best.. I have played tennis every day this week.. Now I am all red in the face due to the hot sun here in Singapore! Tomorrow I am also going to play with my coach.. Well today the friend I was playing with suggested to play a tie-break. I was reluctant, knowing that I am still not prepared to play a game. I still have yet to overcome my fear for a tennis game..

My email address is:

Yes, it will be much more easier to send each other mails and pictures through our emails!! I am looking forward to the pictures you are going to send me! =D
At 5:47pm on July 29, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

I do believe in persistancy. I have always been very persistant in life and usually get what I want. Last night I went to the tennis courts about 9 p.m. for about 30 minutes and just practiced my form. Actually serving and playing out points without a ball. Just going through the movements and finishing the point. It felt pretty good and I will continue to do that for a while and see what happens. I just wish I could get my friends to practice instead of playing sets all the time. I would rather just practice every single day until I am tournament ready and then play in tournaments. We will see what happens in the future. I will try to build up a little shoulder strength and see if that helps my rotator cuff. I will give it about 3-4 months of rigorous work outs to many muscles in my body. I will be like 25 again. I had an awesome body when I was 25, I do miss it. But I really don't think I am not far off. Ok you have a nice day and always a pleasure hearing from you. It probably would be easier for us to repsond using our regular email addresses. Mine is I can send you some omore pics too. Send me some pics if you get around to it.

Bye for now,

Scotty B.
At 7:07am on July 29, 2008, Catherine said…
Don't worry, your hard work will pay off! Just be consistent in training your rotator cuff muscles.. I believe you can make it! But of course, do have ample rest when you can, so as not to over-work yourself..

I am happy for you that you have got more topspin in your shots! Which definitely means more depth and kick in it! For me I am still working on it.. I seriously lack a lot of consistency.. Sometimes I play well, sometimes I don't.. I gotta practice more..
At 7:32am on July 23, 2008, Catherine said…
Yes.. Really tennis is all in the mind.. Apart from physical skills & techniques, a lot of it comes from how one thinks and prepares himself or herself.. I must not let failure overcome me, instead i should be more adamant, telling myself to continue doing better.. Each failure will bring me closer to the success I want.. It is through failures that we learn to survive, isn't it??

I have really understood much better from your last post!

Thanks so much =)
At 7:18am on July 21, 2008, Catherine said…
Interesting name!

Yes! I seem to have the same situation as you.. I will also always try to change the way I hit, something different, to be more consistent. Really, tennis is all about perseverance. One can never improve without constant practice.

Recently I played in a mixed doubles match, and it is my first time playing in a mixed doubles match. Apart from come practice games that I play, I never played any actual match. I was actually a stand-in for another lady.. My partner and I lost the match terribly.. And I felt I played VERY badly. Seems like I don't have the confidence to hit the shots like I do during my practice sessions. When I am playing the match, I get so nervous, my feet get stuck to the ground, my reactions were so slow, my volleys were so weak and I could not even do proper forehands!! I'm so afraid. It is like a nightmare. Whatever happened to all my solid forehand shots and volleys?? I just cannot perform under the stress of a match.. What should I do??
At 7:19am on July 18, 2008, Catherine said…
Indeed.. I know as long as I know what I am doing, as long as I know tennis is the sport I love, everything will then fall in place. I should live doing what I like (of course not at the expense of hurting others), and not doing what others want me to do..

Thanks so much for your understanding!

By the way, that is a great picture of you=D I finally can see how you look like, and you look good! You don't look 40 at all! You certainly look younger than 40. Oh yes, the scenery looks awesome too! Must be very windy there!

Actually I have got this burning question.. How do you pronounce your last name? Bellisle? I have tried figuring it out, but I really do not know how to pronounce it =D
At 6:20pm on July 16, 2008, Catherine said…
Yes! That is the day I am waiting & striving for! I want to be a great player =D


However I do not get much support from my family. Recently I have been home late because I play at night.. My parents scold me for being home late.. But the thing is I am not out late socialising, but playing tennis! PLaying the sport I love.. They just don't understand.
At 7:32pm on July 14, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

How are things going? Things are fine over here. I know it is hard trying to find time when you have school to cope with. It is good that you are finding more poeple to play with. I am glad to hear about your second serves. Service part of your game is very important. Too bad you aren't here... Keep practicing and one day you might just become a great player. One day at a time.

Caio sweetie,

Scotty B.
At 6:34am on July 9, 2008, Catherine said…
School has been really busy for me. I still try to make time for tennis, now I'm playing at least thrice a week.. I try to play more each week, and I am enlarging my tennis social network, getting friends from school as well as outside to play together. I am also resting at least a day each week.

I am seeing more consistency in my second serves, and still training on the power & control of my first serves. As for my groundstrokes, I am trying to put more topspin into my forehand..
At 1:04am on July 5, 2008, Catherine said…
hey, u have been really busy with work yeah? What is your job?
At 4:53pm on June 14, 2008, Chelsea said…
Well..I just got done with my USTA match earlier..but unfortunately I work tonight at 5, and tomorrow at 330. The only free day I have thus far is Tuesday. Let me know if your interested in hitting then!! I would definately love to!
At 3:44am on June 14, 2008, tommy said…
haha! how you can recognize me?
Are you the guy who is dating the young Chinese lady?
my email :
when do you guys play, let me know
my phone no. 256-5061
good to see you,
At 3:05am on June 7, 2008, kimo said…
yes, i have played doubles. not a lot but i can play. what times do you usually play? this weekend's a bit busy for me but i'm itching to play soon. aloha!
At 2:15am on June 7, 2008, Catherine said…
Hey Scott! How are u doing? =D
At 2:46am on June 5, 2008, Chelsea said…
Hi Scott! I play as much as possible. Fortunately, I just got my USTA appeal back, so hopefully I will be playing on a team soon(fingers crossed!). I havent ever played at alamoana..we usually just play at the courts on Pearl Harbor. I AM willing to come to kanoehe and play!!! I am free on Sat. evening and Sunday all day!! Let me know

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