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At 7:44am on May 20, 2008, Mark / The Mayor said…
Well, I'm popular on this site because I started it. :-)
Albuquerque is in a beautiful setting - sitting at the base of a big mountain in the "high desert". There's a river that runs through town, but otherwise it is very very dry. Big blue skies 330 days a year. Great for tennis but can be a bit windy.
At 6:00pm on May 19, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

Yes it is tough getting old, you can't do the things you use to be able to do when you were younger. I am 40 but look around 33ish, but still remember so vividly how I was when I was 18-20. I am not a mere shadow of how good I use to be. We will all get old one day. We can only live for today, yesterday has already past and wont be coming back. I live one day at a time and try to enjoy myself. Everyday we wake up it is a start of a good day.
Nursing, yes, is a very difficult job and very stressful. But as you know it can be very rewarding also. It feels good to help people who really need your help or they just need your company. Never the less helping people is a great thing to do in life. Noone says life was going to be easy. Ok young lady I hope you get more time to practice. Have a nice day and always a pleasure hearing from you.

Scotty B.
At 1:25am on May 17, 2008, Dan said…
Catherine, Here is a link to the USTA NTRP rating descriptions. It stands for National Tennis Rating Program.
At 12:49am on May 17, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

I forgot to answer one of your questions about having a lot of time on my hands. I am a self-employed carpenter here in hawaii. I am lucky enough to just to have work about 15 hours a week to be able to survive and pay all my bills and still be able to do what I want. It really is an enjoyable life. I live by a way of life it is called K.I.S.S. It stands for Keep it simple stupid. Meaning a simple life is a happy one. To each to own, but by not having any children so far, I have had a happy life being able to do what I want whenever I want. Some people say it is selfish, but I say it is the perfect way for me. How about you??? What's going on in your life besides school?

Talk to you soon,

Scotty B.

Bye bye Catherine
At 12:38am on May 17, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hello cutie,

Well a NRTP is for a rating system for which people who play in a league. If someone is a 2.0 they are a beginner, if they are a 5.0 they are real good. It is a National Tennis Rating system on your level of play.
Anyhow, I will try to download some more pics of me. I do think I look pretty good for someone who is 40 y.o. I try to stay fit. I hike 2 times a week, golf 18 holes 1-2 times a week, shoot pool and play tennis usually 5-7 times a week. All sports are great. Sports have always been my life, it keeps me out of trouble and it keeps me fit. I think most Americans like to sit home and watch tv too much as well as eat too much and that is not good mentally or physically. Ok Catherine nice to hear from you and look forward to your response. Have anice weekend.

Caio cutie,

Scotty B.
At 12:32am on May 17, 2008, Catherine said…
Maria Sharapova will soon be World no. 1! Nothing surprising about that.. But I'm still sad Justine Henin retired! She really played her game well.. I have also got a favourite tennis player, Ana Ivanovic. She's just awesome. I seriously think she's the best, and she is definitely better than Sharapova.. I just love her solid ground strokes, and I have told myself, I must play like her one day!
At 3:57pm on May 16, 2008, Mark / The Mayor said…
Cool Group! No fill it up!
Coincidence, but I happen to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA too. WE call it ABQ!
At 9:41am on May 15, 2008, mike said…
albuquerque, nm
At 7:30am on May 15, 2008, Catherine said…
Yay! I have just created a Singapore Tennis Group!! Really can't wait for many to join!! I'm so excited!! =)
At 6:56am on May 15, 2008, Catherine said…
I'm the one on the right. The other is my second sister. It's totally cool to be able to join this tennis social network! To be able to interact with people who share the same interests! Back here in Singapore, I seldom play tennis with my friends. They are all so good in their strokes, I just started beginning of last year and I still need tons of practice!

Instead I will practice my serves alone in school usually before my classes in the morning or after school, under the burning sun!

What is your occupation? You sure have lots of time in your hands! Which country are you from?
At 3:29pm on May 14, 2008, Mark / The Mayor said…
Hi Catherine! It's great to have you here! You should start a Singapore Tennis Group and invite all your friends. This site is growing by word of mouth - so why don't you become the mouth over there! LOL

This is our *new* generic welcome message that, fortunately, is required due to the enormous growth. We're growing by 100 new members a day, and we just couldn't keep up. But that's a good thing. ;-)

Invite your friends too. We’re trying to reach 20,000 members by Wimbledon. :-)
If you need any help, let me know.

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At 11:51am on May 14, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Good morning Catherine,

I do wish this was Singapore, so we could hang out and play tennis all the time. Tennis is a big part of my life as well. Usually 5-7 times a week, but i also golf and hike often also. If yuo ever make it out this way, give me a call. I am glad that your family is safe. Which lovely lady are you in the picture??? Caio for now. Scotty B.
At 7:18am on May 14, 2008, Catherine said…
Is there anyone here who stays in Singapore? So many of the members here are from the States, and I feel so left out!
At 6:44am on May 14, 2008, Catherine said…
Hello Scott..

I'm situated in Singapore, in Southeast Asia. I'm not in China..

My family is with me in Singapore too.
At 10:44pm on May 13, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Ni Hao Catherine,

I hope you and your family is safe in China... It is a shame all the people dieng. I know it must have been very scarey from the earthquake. My prayers are with everyone there. Just wanted to say hello and welcome aboard.

Wan on,


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