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At 8:34am on January 24, 2009, FrozenYog said…
thanks for adding me.
At 6:17am on October 24, 2008, Timothy Loh said…
ACS International :) so u are currenlt in ny poly ?
At 7:27am on October 22, 2008, Timothy Loh said…
haha finally the second Singaporean on this wedsite . My name is TIM , hope to play with u someday :)
At 10:14am on September 18, 2008, Lou Lom said…
We don't play together much now, because he is too good. Yes, we met in the 2nd tennis tournament I entered. It was a blind draw and he was my partner. We won, so I kept him. I also won the 1st tournament I entered, it was a blind draw. I waited too long to enter tournaments, about a year after starting (but I played every day, 5 hrs a day). So I was moved up to the heavyweights soon after. I missed the fun of playing lightweights.
At 12:30pm on September 16, 2008, Lou Lom said…
Tennis is 30% mental. You can defeat yourself, look at Roddick and Blake...they have a lot of talent, but need a mental coach. Don't be afraid to lose, don't count the bad shots, count your good shots... the glass is half full!!
At 10:36am on September 14, 2008, Lou Lom said…
My 1st instructor, Bob Keaunui, said the best way to get better is to play tournaments. And he was right. You become even more inspired to improve.
At 12:39pm on September 13, 2008, Lou Lom said…
How long have you played tennis? When I started, I wanted and played every single day for hours to try to get better. We were fanatics. If it rained at 1 court, we drove till we found a dry one, haha. We were nuts. My ex daughter in law plays tennis, she lives in Bangkok now.
At 3:17pm on September 10, 2008, Lou Lom said…
Hi Catherine, I'm Chinese too. I knew a Vivian Soh from the Univ. of Hawaii once, from Singapore. She married Jim Smith and had 2 sons. I know it's a needle in a haystack, but have you heard of her?
At 2:10am on July 28, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Ni Hao Catherine? Wah hing hao. Ok I can't spell it.
I played a few sets of doubles today. I really didn't want to play, but played ok and keep working on having an always changing my strokes. I had switched to a new age forehand, compared to a traditional way of hitting. The new way has so much topspin it is crazy. I am amazed how much topspin I create now. But the form is so completely different from my own, it is like starting all over again. If I can get use to it, it is a total weapon, very lethal. I had started working out with the total gym and hopefully it will help my rotator cuff. I keep my fingers crossed all the hard work I am going to do in the next 6 months will pay off in the long run. Anyhow my dear it is getting late and I need to go to bed. You take care and chat with you soon.

Bye Catherine,

Scotty B.
At 10:42am on July 21, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Good morning Catherine,

It is funny no matter how much you practice, it really is mostly a mental game. Not only because it drives you crazy, haha. Yes it is all about keeping the right frame of mind the whole tiem your playing. When you practice your not afraid to make a mistake. When you play your more cautous. You have to feel more confident of your game and go for it and no matter how many times yuo misss, you keep on trying to improve your actual game playing abilities. When yu play good, you feel good and the set usually goes your way. When you play bad nothing seems right. Try not to get yourself down and move on to the next point. Forget about the last point and think positive and that is all you can do. Do your best and if your best isn't good enough, well you tried your best and that is all you can do. Ok sweetie. Have a ncie day. I have a tough match today. I have never beaten this guy, but came so close last time. I was 2 points away from winning and I lost it. I wasn't too mad that I blew it, but happy that i did so well against him.

Caio bella
At 4:45pm on July 20, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

First let me pronounce my name in simple ways. Bellisle, Bell is pronounced like it is spelled and isle and pronounced like aisle. Like when you get married you walk don the aisle. So Bellisle it is and it mean beautiful island, ironoc to where i live on a beautiful island.
As for tennis, I do get so frustrated with it. It seems like everyday I want to change my form and try something different to become more consistant. No matter how hard I try alwasy the same result, but I keep coming back for more everyday. I am glad to hear your second serve is doing much better. As long as you commit to it and always do it no matter how much you double fault. It doesn't matter how many times you double fault, it only matters you keep doing it until you get it and then always practice it to make it even better.

Caio cutie, Scotty B.
At 9:01pm on July 17, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

I totally understand how you feel about tennis and want to become a great player. I also think most parents don't really know how to be good parents. causing the kids to have certain issue when they get older. As long as you like and it is hurting no one else go for it. Try to make them understand how you feel about the game and how excited you are about it and maybe in time they will feel different.

Scotty B.
At 3:05am on July 5, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey little cutie,

How are things going? Things are good over here. Yes I have been working a lot, but now I am able to go back to working for myself. I do carpentry for work,remodel kitchens, bathrooms and all tha tkind of work. I wasn't able to play tennis during the week, only on the weekends. I didn't like that and now back to my old work schedule, which I love. How is tennis going for you? Have you been practicing lately? About your serve. Yes it is good to have curve before and after it hits the ground. Me too about after hitting about 40 balls, it loosens up and feels better, but after about 4 hours it hurts real bad and I have to quit. Next month I will go to the doctors to have my shoulder checked out and find out what is really wrong with it. On that note I am going to go to bed now, this is really late for me. It was nice to hear from you and look forward hearing from you.

Caio for now,

Scotty B.
At 2:52am on June 8, 2008, Catherine said…
12 dueces! I also played with a friend of mine a few days ago, around evening time. I played a game with her (normally I don't play the actual game, I only play practice rallies with my pal), and we had about 8/9 dueces.. It was so funny, because none of us seem to able able to clinch the game point! But in the end, we didn't finish the entire set.. My pal didn't want to continue, because the game was getting too draggy.. It was my first time playing tennis in the cool evening.. Much better than playing under the sun, when it drains my energy.. Playing in the evening is really fun!

It's really good that you don't rely on second serves.. That would make your serves deadly. But for me, once my first serve is faulted, I would lose confidence in getting it in the second time.. So thats why I have to learn the top spin serve.. Somehow my second serve is slow and crooked. It curves even before it hits the ground and curves even more after it hits the ground. It is supposed to be this way?

Regarding the motrin, I will consult my private doctor and get advices on how to deal with my bad shoulder.. Amazingly, it is only the first few times of serves that makes my shoulder hurt badly. Once I served like about 20-30 balls, it gets used to the motion of my swing and don't hurt anymore.

Looking forward to your reply =D

Take care Scotty!
At 4:59pm on June 7, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey cutie,

I try to keep in touch. I had just finished playing tennis just a few minutes ago. Not a long day today, but I know the jacuzzi will feel good and then the pool. I live at a real nice condo complex.
I use a lot of topspin on my serve. Being left handed I have a natural spin anyway. everyone has a problem
with my serve. Yesterday I played a game the first game of the set and I had served and we had 12 dueces and then finally we won the game. But that was 29 serve sides. Talking about a bad shoulder. I have a bad rotator cuff, so I would imagine you have the same. It hurts when I swing above my head, but now it is starting to hurt until I loosen up. I do take motrin to help with inflamation. You might want to try that as well. Just take 800 milligrams of it and only about 45 minutes before you start and you will see a difference. I don't need a second serve, I have to first serves. I feel confident enough to keep it up, but that is what hurts my shoulder too. But hey I can't hit things easy I go all the way. Running is a great excercise except later in life your knees will bother you. If you could run on a treadmill that would be much better for your knees. Ok sweetie, have a good one and look forward to hearing from you.


Scotty B.
At 7:16am on May 28, 2008, Catherine said…
Hello! Yeah.. You seem to be the only person I'm keeping in contact with at this website! =D

But I'm really glad to hear updates from you, to see how you are doing. I had another great time of tennis today. Weather over here is very wet, raining on and off, non-stop. But managed to practice in school today (which rained shortly after), and then I head down for another practice session with my coach in the evening. My coach taught us the "top spin serve" today. Haven't gotten used to the stroke yet. Somehow it is a type of "safe" second service. When the is hit high, and still lands in the service box. My flat serve lately hasn't been that fantastic lately.. Seems like it's due to my shoulder problem. It hurts every time I bring the racket back up high and swing it down full force during my serve. I can't rotate the joint properly , it seems.

I have also been running more lately, and hitting the gym. I really need to lose some fats, get active and exercise, and also train my stamina.

Bye bye,

hear from you soon, Scotty!
At 12:30am on May 28, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Ni hao Catherine,
I hope all is well for school and tennis. I was bummed out today only playing two sets. Tomorrow is another day though. I have a couple of guys who are real good coming to play so I am real excited and wish it was tomorrow already.

Caio Catherine,

Scotty B.
At 6:57am on May 27, 2008, Catherine said…
Hey Scott, did you leave a comment for me on the 23rd of May? I can't seem to load it..
At 11:52pm on May 23, 2008, Catherine said…
Exactly, really incredible of Nadal to play so well.. It is fantastic that you are improving on your game! Seeing an improvement in one's own game is the greatest joy any tennis player could ever experience. Having to persevere and consistently training until you reach the tournament level is indeed tough. But it is worth it. I also aspire to bring my game up as many levels as I can, until I am ready for a real, hard-core tournament. It is going to take me a lot of time and sweat though.. I still have a long long way..

Yesterday I played with my friend at school for about 2 hours in the late afternoon til about 6pm, practicing our serves as well. And I played today at about 9am with the same friend at school again. Normally on Saturdays I have my own practice session with my coach in the morning, but because my coach has something on, the practice session was called off. So I called my friend down to school to hit a few rallies. I feel I am really "addicted" to tennis! Now it is a must for me to play everyday, to get the sense of satisfaction that at least I practiced and I am one step closer to perfecting my game, instead of lazing around at home like I always does in the past when I have free time..

Take care, Scott!
At 2:18am on May 23, 2008, Scott Bellisle said…
Hey Catherine,

About Nadal, it rally it so incredible for him to play lety. But it really had to start from a young age. I started batting right handed when I was about 7 or 8, so I can bat left and right handed. Also I can golf left and right handed. I would like to be bale to serve right handed only on the account that my shoulder wouldn't hurt anymore. I have been trying to work on more consistancy in my game. These last couple of days I have seen an improvement in my game. I had taken off some speed and try to not kill the ball every time and it seems to be working much better. But I wont be happy with my game until I am ready fro tournament level play, which I am not and wont be for a while.
How was your day today? Did you practice at all today? How is school going? Ok young lady. Have a good one and caht real soon.

Bye bye Scotty B.

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