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At 11:16pm on February 20, 2008, Mark / The Mayor said…
Hi Chrisje, thanks for starting another group - you rule.
I'll send you a message too.
At 5:51pm on February 19, 2008, Justin said…
Hey Chsije,

Found some good quality instructional videos enjoy!
At 6:30pm on February 17, 2008, Chrisje said…
Thanks Justin! I enjoyed hitting with you today!
At 3:36pm on February 17, 2008, Justin said…
As Promised,

Most of this is isolated forehand topspin video...I believe there's a couple of instructional videos as well. Enjoy.

First part of this video talks a bit about forehand form concept.

Good Stuff

Federer Slowmo beattiful

At 2:23pm on February 16, 2008, Clare Pu said…
Thank you for the message. Please let me when you have a get-togher next time. I will try to meet people and play the ball. Thanks, Clare
At 12:49pm on February 16, 2008, Bill said…
Hi Chrisje. My name is Bill, I am 40 and I am actually in the Sarasota area. Looking to meet some new people to get to know and hit some balls with. If you have some time and would like to hit the courts, feel free to say hello. You can reach me directly on aol at younghrt00. Have a good day and talk to you soon. Bill
At 8:56pm on February 15, 2008, Mauro said…
Hi Chrisje. Thank you for your message. Glad to joint this group. Playing with new people is always fun. I've been playing mostly in clay courts the ones at HCC and Davis Island but hard courts are ok. I may be a 4 level player. Look forward to see you tennis lovers in the courts! :)
At 2:28pm on February 15, 2008, Justin said…
Sounds great, however I'm really not one for doubles. If I'm not mistaken there's only two courts? Depends on your group response. Let me know what you're thinking, time, ect. feel free to give me a call if you like. 727-565-4161

Get Back To Center Court!

At 2:54pm on February 2, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
Steve will be there on 2/10!
At 1:15am on January 27, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
Go here now!!!! (please?)

At 10:12pm on January 26, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
Well actually I've only got two replies so far so I wasn't planning on having the meet up tomorrow.. but if you or I get more replies, I guess I'll show up because otherwise I wouldn't be available until the Sunday after Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3)

I have received replies from:

and you.

but I don't know if they would be coming tomorrow because I told them I still don't have a date.. just a probable day of the week once I get everyone's reply within a week of the message..

so unless I get a lot of replies that say people will show up tomorrow, the best I can do is February 10th..

Anyway, let me know! I'm staying up for the men's final at 3:30 am, so I'm not sure what time I'd be waking up.

I think I'll post in the group forum and then people can post their names if they would be willing to play tomorrow.
At 4:02pm on January 26, 2008, Chrisje said…
Just got it and I just sent a group message out. Thanks for the help in organizing, Andrew! I'll post a couple of location options on the Tampa page and hopefully we can meet up!
At 3:54pm on January 26, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…

I'm not sure if you've checked your email, but I've began the process of organizing a group get-together. Anyway, you're the group-creator so if you have any advice or questions, please let me know!

At 2:07am on January 26, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
yeah if you could get us all together for a "first time meet and play" that would be perfect.. Otherwise I could try to organize it but I've only organized get-togethers with close friends, not people I've yet to meet :P

I think I'll get the ball rolling and send out some group messages.. that way we'll know who's interested and what not
At 12:31am on January 26, 2008, claudia \ said…
hey chrisje! im new in tampa n was wondering if some of the pple in this group are meetin anytime soon t play or hang out
At 10:56pm on January 25, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
If you are interested in finding matches for members of the group, here is my availability to play (and I'd love to play during all of my free time! I'm an addict :P)-

Sun. - all day
Mon. - After 3:30 pm
Wed. - Maybe from 8-9 am to 12 pm
Thurs. - From 8-10 am to 4 pm
Fri. - From 8-10 am to 4 pm, and after 10 pm
Sat. - From 8-10 am to 4 pm, and after 10 pm
At 10:50pm on January 25, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
I can play on Sunday.. but I won't be sleeping until the men's final is over and it starts at 3:30 am lol. If anyone wants to get together later in the day, since I assume they will have watched the match too, that works for me. I live in Safety Harbor but I'll go anywhere in Pinellas and anywhere near TIA or near the Pinellas/Hillsborough and Pinellas/Pasco borders.
At 3:32pm on January 24, 2008, Steve Woodworth said…
We live south of Brandon off 301 in Parrish. We don't mind traveling to Tampa. We have Church in the morning, but our afternoon will be open for play.
At 2:17pm on January 24, 2008, Chrisje said…
Consider yourself invited!! Wow! Four kids under 13....I guess you don't have much free time!

I was just checking weather and Sunday looks like a not so bad day to play. High of 69 degrees. How many in the Tampa group can meet up on Sunday....and what parts of town are you in? I'm on the south side. Lets figure out who is available and when, then we can decide the where!
At 2:17pm on January 24, 2008, Andrew (Tampa Bay) said…
"Thanks for the add!" lol, hopefully people in this group will actually get together and play! This is a great alternative than having to pay for a membership at a tennis center and match-make through it, so hopefully this will work out.

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