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Don’t tell me it includes Motrin®, Tylenol® or any number of other pain relievers. If so, we have got to talk.

For years I have been watching many of my USTA league teammates and other tennis players routinely pop a few of these seemingly harmless little pills just before a match. I can understand the need to cover up those aches and pains from tennis elbow, aching knees and the like, but the whole “ignorance is bliss” mantra can be really short lived when you consider the problems associated with long-term use of drugs. Yes, pain relievers are drugs.

The long-term side effects of these types of drugs can be kind of ugly. It is estimated that 25% of people experience some kind of side effect and 5% develop serious health consequences such as GI (stomach) bleeding, acute renal failure, or worse. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that “anti-inflammatory drugs (prescription and over-the-counter drugs which include Advil®, Motrin®, Aleve®, Ordus®, Aspirin, and more than 20 others) cause over 16,500 deaths and over 103,000 hospitalizations per year in the U.S. alone¹.

So I know you’re probably saying. “But I need them to ward off the pain!” We know… but maybe there is a better answer. For many people the discomfort of inflammation and joint pain can be relieved without drugs. Instead, nutritional supplements can work because they target the body’s underlying cellular chemistry. If you’ve tried supplements before and didn’t get relief, chances are good that the brand you purchased was not an effective one. We have all gotten used to seeing “generic” drugs and we are told they are just as effective. While this is true for pharmaceutical drugs, it’s definitely not true for supplements. The less expensive quality supplements typically can’t hold a candle to those made with quality ingredients and high quality manufacturing processes – it is a difference you can feel.

So if you love tennis and want to be a player instead of a fan – do your future health a favor and join us and the 160 Sony-Ericsson WTA Tour players who trust their health to USANA Health Sciences – try a 7-day trial version of a proven supplement for Joints FREE!

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Thanks & see you on the court.

Annette Walbon

1. Wolfe MM, et. al. NEJM 1999;340(24):1888-99

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