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What are the best ways to win a tennis match?  What do you need to achieve?  If you want a workout, thats one thing, but if you have multiple matches in a day, then conserving energy is very important especially for the junior player who may have two matches in a day, or the league player who drives from this match, to that one. 

1. Over Power your opponent.   If you can overpower your opponent, then do it!   Hit the big serve, get the short ball, stay in control of the point then hit the winner.    When NOT to do try this:  A. When you have two errors for every winner or more.  B. When your opponent is not phased by your power.  C. When your opponent loves the pace and counterpunches you. D. When the opponent is more powerful than you.


2. Pressure your opponent into errors - Come to the net, move the opponent around on the court with shot combinations, deep short, side to side, high/low, fast/slow, much spin/less spin etc.    This is smarter than #1, but might take longer.  Do not do this, when you are playing someone who feeds of your creativity and then becomes more creative themselves.  Some players love to counterpunch against crafty players.  


3. Disrupt the Rhythm of your opponent - Similar to #2, but with the intent of finding out what your opponents favorite ball is and never giving it to them.  I have seen many players with inferior technique and athleticism defeat stronger more technically proficient players by never hitting two shots the same and completely discombobulating them.   


4. Take Time Away from your opponent - When they are at the net, lob.   Whenever they hit short, come to net.  If they are a baseliner only, bring them in on your terms.   If they love the net, bring them in on your terms.   When you intentionally hit very short and to the side, it brings the opponent forward in a zig zag pattern instead of coming straight in to the net, they also come in off balance if you hit short enough.


5. Grind it out -  This is the WORST way to win. Sometimes you are off your game, and it all comes down to will to win.  Run everything down, hit it back the way it came or crosscourt, keep it deep as possible and just wait for your opponent to miss.   Of course, be sure not to throw in a bunch of errors, and you better be more fit than your opponent, because if you are not, then they will grind you out.  


P.S.  There must be more ways to win.





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