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Upgraded to a more arm-friendly racquet - Prince EXO3 16 x 18

After having severe tennis elbow last year, I decided to upgrade to a more arm-friendly racquet. I traded in my old Wilson [K] Factor Six.One Tour for a new Prince EXO3 Tour frame.  I do not regret buying the new frame but I did regret trading in the old racquet.  I've been playing tennis for over 24 years.  During that time, I have owned several Prince and Wilson racquets.  But the old Wilson Pro Staff Midsize 85 and [K] Factor were my favorite frames.  Although they were very heavy and contributed to my fatigue, I loved the way they performed when I was able to hit the sweet spot.  I've been playing with the new Prince EXO3 and I'm still trying to find my depth in ground strokes and serves.  I'm not as exhausted as I used to be.  And I don't need to put any salonpas on my shoulder blades.  Perhaps, I need to give it more time since it's a lot more springy.  The balls bounces pretty far and the spins are crazy good.  But it is hard to get used to it, considering I have a compact flat swing.  I'm still thinking of my old K Factor.  I don't think I'll ever trade any racquet for credit again.  It's like throwing away an old family photo album. 


Too many memories.  I shouldn't have put a price on that.

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Comment by blackrino on June 19, 2011 at 1:15am
sound like you got a magic wand, a friend of mind said he wanted a power racket. i showed him my pruse drive and its small head. he said he wanted something that had more power.i told him he could start eating spinish are just go out and buy a shot gun! inaddition to the fact no racket is automatic even if its designed to help deliver power that's only a small part of the equation. you got to bring home the beacon.
Comment by blackrino on June 14, 2011 at 9:50pm
i had this problem with tennis elbow to i found it was me more than the racket. i realizes everything did not have to have heat behind it and picking and choosing what did was better for the results and elbow.i walked into the pro shop one day and picked the Balbolot Prue Drive and became a deviate of the mix,spin and placement group and occasional mix in a little heat too. i've been quite happy and there has been times the small racket head has tested me. i go bak to square one and let the drive racket drive the return as well as the serve. i found new ways to stay in the point and my elbow never aches are strings are swells. there is something out there for everybody and there is no replacement for knowledge in this game in all areas. will i ever change rackets, if it aint broke don't fix it. but never say never.
Comment by Dennis P on May 31, 2011 at 11:13pm

Yesterday, I bought the Wilson BLX Six-One Tour.  I just had to see if it felt like the old K-Factor.  


Tonight, I played doubles with a friend and two new people.  The control was back!  I stopped worrying about over-hitting the ball and just 'willed' my shots.  The confidence returned to my one-handed backhand and I was terrorizing my opponents cross-court, hitting short balls at their feet and making passing shots to their outreached backhands.  My arm and shoulder didn't hurt at all!  As much as I want to keep the Prince, my tennis soul is longing for another BLX!  

Comment by Topspyn Z on May 30, 2011 at 8:08pm
Wish places around here take trades for anything.  I upgraded to the BLX from the K-factor and have six K-factors that I wish I could trade in.  I usually end up donating my old racquets.  I moved back to Wilson after nearly 20 years with Prince.  I am not sure I could go back to Prince after playing with the BLX.

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