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So, I'll be test driving different strings (or combination of strings) at varying tensions each month to (1) get a better idea of the strings that are out there, (2) get a feel for different tensions and (3) see what works best for me.  To date, I've basically been stringing Prince sythentic gut on the mains and Luxilon ALU Power or Rough on the crosses (like Roger, except he uses natural gut on the mains which is a little cost prohibitive for me).  I usually tension my strings at 62 lbs because I prefer control but on my Prestige mid (18 x 20 string pattern, head size 93 sq. in) the strings can get real tight (which, don't get me wrong, I really like!).  But today I decided to change things up a bit.  Luxilon ALU Power on the mains and synthetic on the crosses.  Apparently, when hybrid-ing Luxilon and synthetic gut, most people use the Luxilon on the mains.  I tensioned it at 61 lbs -- ok, so that's only a pound less than what I'm used to but hey that's a big deal to me! This set up was much easier to string than when I put the Luxilon on the crosses b/c on the crosses, the Luxilon starts to twist on the bottom two or three rows which meant that I'd have to do those over. I didn't have that problem this time around. Anyway, the Luxilon string package says you should drop tension 10% when stringing the Luxilon and I've been reading that it is prone to breaking at high tensions.  Well, I guess we'll see what happens, right? Gonna take this for a spin.  I'll be posting my reviews on each string job (if you care to read them).  

Anyway, check out the photos of my new string job.  So proud!!! :) Also check out this WSJ article  that discusses how the pros are now playing with rackets whose strings are about "as taut as a bowl of pad thai" with all the advancements in string technology. Yuck!

Next strings I want to try: Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour, Signum Pro Tornado, MSV Focus Hex, Gamma Zo Verve and the Solinco Tour Bite. I've heard some very good things about all of these.

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