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Anyone who knows me know that I am a lover of anything tennis and fitness related. I am in count down mode till the French Open.  USTA spring league is underway and I am playing in 2 different leagues.  I am so thankful for my P90X/Insanity Hybrids that I did during the winter months.   I can definitely feel the improvements in my  endurance and stamina. 


Below is an article that I enjoyed reading and wanting to share with you....

As anybody who either plays or watches the sport of tennis knows, over the last decade the game has become increasingly athletic in nature. Being able to volley and strategically place the ball in the court is still as important as ever, but players like Nadal and the Williams sisters have made the power serve and the power baseline stroke (as well as the volley smash) critical elements of the game that require significant strength (not to mention agility). If you’re looking to improve your game and become a stronger, more powerful tennis player, P90X has benefits to tennis players that can result in significant improvements to your strength game.

Arm and Back Strength: Obviously, the most important element to getting your power swing going is arm and back strength. P90X will improve your arm and back strength through focused workouts specifically on those areas that use proven P90X tools like the P90X resistance bands and P90X push up standsto develop and tone lean muscle in your arms and back. From bigger biceps to tighter triceps and a more developed back, your upper body will gain the strength it needs to slam that little green ball at your opponent.

Leg Strength: Of course, anybody who’s ever swung a tennis racket knows that much of the power of the swing comes from your base, the planting and torque of your legs. The leg training workouts of P90X, along with the plyometrics (jump training) and Kenpo X (martial arts) workouts will help you gain the leg strength that you need to turn into your swing and put that extra power on the ball.

Flexibility: Finally, to get the complete range of motion that you’ll need in order to fully power the tennis racket through its maximum range of swing and get the most power on the ball, you’ll need flexibility. Stretch X and Yoga X will get you there!

Tennis is still a skill game, but exemplary players can bring the power game as well. Get yourself into shape to be a power tennis player through the strength training elements of P90X! You’ll also improve core strength and cardio endurance as well, and the end result will be a far superior tennis game to the one that you have now!

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