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What if i told you could better your game thru a martial art that is 2000 years old .and uses the same movements as in tennis like a forehand , a backhand swings along with footwork, timing and explosiveness and speed along with hand and eye coordination that has no equal .This is a stick fighting art called kali or arni or eskrema and was developed in the filipines islands. A kali master call swing a stick over 120 miles per hour and change direction at the same time at any given time .This martial art is ideal for tennis because they compliment each other .One is sport while one is a combative art for self-defense . I guess you can say this martial art has a duel purpose not only could you use it to cross train for your tennis game but learn how to defend yourself at the same time .And because you already know how to swing a at a tennis ball different angles you would be ideal student for in learning weapons .For the training all you need is a pair of rattan sticks the same length as your tennis racket. Kali teaches you how to use the weapon in your right hand and left hand which is great if you want to change hands at times . I have trained in this martial art since 1981 my teachers are very famous rich lamoureaux and danny inosanto who studied from the late bruce lee .Iam now opening up a special class for teams , semi groups and beginners and pros who would love to learn this method .I also teach one on one or two . Instructor program is also available for coaches and trainers of the sport of tennis . All i ask is for an open mind and the willingness to try something different to add to your game especially if you compete. We combine eastern methods with western ideas to develop the mind as well as the body. Cardio training and reflex training of kali will help you to react with out thought where you mind and your body will work as one on the court . I also give out certification to teach this martial scientific cross training for tennis player .Iam also looking for a male and a female tennis player to teach this method at my martial arts academy and go thru the training . at create develop flow at 101s rainbow suite 10 at westcliff and rainbow .at 95 and the freeway If you go on our site at www.cdfacademies you will see my teacher rich lamoureaux performing the art of kali filipino stick fighting on a video that is a great demonstration . Also my video and my trailer for my movie master of red rock on the same site come by and be my guest anytime or call me at 702-251-1111 or cell 702-764-9256 ask for sifu jack Champions are never born but developed .thru proper training .This training does not conflict with traditional tennis training and the coaches method but just to add spice to the soup. sifu jack

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