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Do you ever wonder why you feel tired, lazy and unwillingness to move? We all know the importance of exercise and movement so why doesn't everyone exercise? Why do some people feel such a lack of energy that they will lay on the couch and watch TV rather than going to the gym, play their favorite sport or just go for a walk?
Yes true, sometimes it is psychological, but most of the time, believe it or not it is caused by internal, physical fight. The reason is that energy given to the body is being wasted on the war against internal toxicity. The immune system is constantly fighting toxins, parasites and blockages, which form in the digestive system, muscles, organs, vessels and etc.

In most modern people, the production and transfer of energy is more or less blocked. Toxic wastes from wrong diet and other unhealthy lifestyle factors clog the whole system, starting with digestive organs.

Where do toxins come from?

The first source of toxins lies in the artificial additives, junk food, pesticides, medication, late eating, overeating, and eating under stress. These produce and accumulate toxins on the walls of the digestive system. From there they absorb into the blood and lymph and spread over the whole body, poisoning it, and stealing its energy.

The second source of toxins is the organs themselves, overloaded with toxins and increased in size two to ten times their normal size. They pressure and irritate each other and squeeze the aorta, the main artery from the heart to the abdominal area. In order to overcome that pressure, the heart must exert constant diligence. As a result the heart gets tired and weak. Tiredness of the heart creates tiredness of the whole body.

The third source of toxins is the parasites, infections, and other unfriendly bacteria who love the ideal habitat provided in a dirty organism. They grow and multiply, producing even more poisons and stealing many vital nutrients. In this way they create nutritional deficiencies, weaken the immune system, and produce a general lack of energy.

And let’s not forget the liver—an organ responsible for our metabolism. Congested liver can’t function properly and slows down, causing the slow down of the metabolism, function of all glands and proper hormone production.

All these toxic wastes are not only the reason for lack of energy but also, in many cases, the cause of disease. The weight of these toxic wastes in the digestive system may reach from 10-70 pounds. This is the most dangerous weight carried in the body. Now, you might think that this is an easy theory, but how can we stay away from our toxic world?! Well, we can but only to a certain extent. We can read the labels on food packages, eat fresh foods, stay away from fast food and junk, not use pesticides at least at home, etc. But you are right, we will still accumulate toxins. So the best bet is Cleansing. Cleansing the body from the toxic weight accumulated in the colon, small intestine and liver is the fastest way to get new energy, healthy weight and overall wellbeing. The energy won’t be wasted anymore on the unnecessary fight with toxins and parasites and instead be used for a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Elena Rybak

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