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martial arts and scientific cross training for tennis players?

Tennis and Martial Arts go hand in hand. Both teach foot work as well as timing. Whether you're reacting on the court or an attack, both disciplines have to respond to a given stimuli to an on coming force. Distance also has a major role in tennis, while meeting the ball on the court just as well as meeting a kick or a punch, you have to be on the money. Also, you have to be exact so you don't miss the ball which could cost you the game. In martial arts we can't afford to miss an all out attack so our reaction must be precise at that moment. Tennis teaches body mechanics to get the most force off the ball in returning a serve, thus your opponent will miss the ball and not be
able to react to the ball in time in the game.
Martial Arts is all about how to use your body properly to make a tecnique effective. It takes precision and body dynamics in a given movement. Learning to connect all your body parts in one movement is an art in itself. Proper body mechanics can mean the difference between a knockout in the ring or a tie. Speed is also a factor both talented athletes use to increase their power on the court, in the ring, or on the street. You can't forget, relaxation is a key to changing combinations whether you're swinging a tennis racket, a weapon, or hand to hand combat. We use combinations just like a tennis player. Having to change direction to different angles of the ball on the court. Being able to change direction at a given moment is an asset to martial artists as well as tennis players. To react without thinking and being there at the given moment in play.
Stick fighting relies on the swing just like tennis players with a racket. Also in stick fighting with a single raton stick in hand we have to adjust by using many angles and we use forehand, backhand, and over head strikes, which is part of the same in martial arts and tennis. Stick fighting is a great attribute for any tennis player to improve his or her game 110%. This martial art is the most coordinated martial art that ever was seen. There are many patterns to train the tennis player to change from on direction to another with this great art goes hand in hand with the game of tennis.
I am a one of a kind master trainer that believes in being open-minded and experimetal. To think out of the box and try new things. Otherwise, we become stagnant and stale. We should have constant energy to keep our development alive. Stick fighting can enhance any tennis players ability to play at a higher level if of proficiency. This is a sure form of cross-training that has no equal.
This method is not taught on the court. But once introduced it will gain popularity by the tennis teams and institutes around the country. I have worked with many athletes in many sports besides tennis. I am open to training professionals as well as training coaches or at tennis facilities that want to try something new. Email Sifu Jack.

Bruce Lee stated the man or woman is more important than the style or the system but tennis players and martial artists make the system what it is today. But without the coach, we have no direction.

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Comment by Sifu Jack on February 10, 2009 at 5:36pm
New indoor martial arts cross training class for tennis players is now forming for the first time ever. This method of training can help any tennis player to play 110% better. This training combines eastern methods with western ideas and does not conflict with traditional tennis training but inhances the sport.Classes will be on sat at 11-12pm and many other classes also times during the week to choose from. Come down with a open mind and ready to experiance this this dynamic clas that has no equal. My training is open to small groups as well as large ones and clinics and tennis clubs. For information call 702-251-1111 or my cell phone at 301-8347 ps. I also teach special class for pro's and coaches.First lesson is free for all tennis players.

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