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First Main Draw 16&under Level 3 Tournament ever and win

Level 3 tournaments as you know are tournaments of a higher skill level. I had recently won a 14&under level 3 1st round in GA. That tournament was a sign of approvement. This past weekend June 9 I entered a level 3 16&under tournament in Jacksonville, FL. I live in Atlanta, GA. This past week I began my workout training with CoachV, not because of the one tournament, but because I want to get fitter for tennis. The workout required for me to get up at 6:30 am every morning except for Wednesday. We did a lot of heavy lifting, stretching, quad muscles, and cardio. It was a commitment I was willing to make to become better at tennis. CoachV did a good job of teaching me how to do the exercises right and what to look for if I am not doing it right. The exercising made me have more energy in the day and in the match because CoachV told me and explained to me about how to apply all the movements into to tennis. The working out motivated me to do better in my tournament. The first round was a little bit more simpler than I thought, but still if I hadn't stayed focused and energized, I wouldn't have won.

This particular weekend it happen to rain a lot. I stayed at this nice resort, just me and my dad, and I of course was playing Saturday morning at 9:00. I got up at 6:30 and hit the gym and did my stretches and warm up of my muscles just as CoachV told me to do. That really made a difference in my attitude and energy level for my match. The resort was about 30 minutes away from the tournament. I get at the tournament at 8:55 and went straight to the desk and checked in. It was at this really old YMCA club downtown Jacksonville. The good thing was that the courts were clay. I like to play on clay. I get on the court and warm up for five minutes and then get started. The courts were old, still playable but not quality. My opponent was playing his first tournament. He was familar with the area and I wasn't, so what. He decided to serve the first on the coin toss. He serves the game and gets the game. I serve and hit a couple shots in the net and lose that game. Then he serves, its 15-15 and it starts to rain. It started out light but then got heavier. The USTA official said to finish the game and then go in. This game of course goes on a little bit longer because its raining. I win the game to get on the score board at 1-2. We go inside and report what the score is at that moment. The director said to meet in the upstairs conference room and he will give us further instructions. Everybody is all soaked and looking where to go and rushing to report the score. I was feeling alittle upset because I woke up real early (for me) and got all ready and pumped for the match and I have to stop and wait. The director said that all the courts will dry at differents times because of old they are. He got the matches that were in the 3rd set tiebreakers  to come back 1st. The director made his final desicion at 11:00 when the rain started to stop. All the matches were delayed back 3 hours. I was thinking of how that morning was not a waste. I went a resturaunt and watched Sharapova kick butt in the French Open Final in the last set. I got some time to relax and really think how I am going to enjoy the match and win. We get back on court at 1:30 and I really started to get my game and rhythm going. The courts were really wet and mucky. I got my serve going and my great game of forehands. I would just serve to get the kid moving and then I would attack right away. I made sure that every shot I hit that it went in. My opponent's was horrible. It was actually worse than mine. It was hard to believe but it was worse than mine. He would hit the throat or the top frame of the raquet. I was happy because I could just hit it there all day and destroy him with different amounts of spin and slice. I would occasionaly hit my kick serve down the t on the deuce side. My opponent however had a "weapon" of running around and hitting a forehand. When he did that I could just attack the forehand or go back behin his backhand. The first set I won 6-2. The second set was more flowing for me. every game I won either 40-0 or 40-15. There was one deuce. The sun came out for the match and blinded me completly. The second set was more winners and volley put aways. I won 6-0. My backhand was running pretty smoothly, he didn't hit it there much, but when he did, I was ready. That match was good for me.

The next match was more of a struggle.   

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Comment by CoachV - William Vazquez on June 11, 2012 at 10:47pm
Comment by CoachV - William Vazquez on June 11, 2012 at 10:45pm

Congrats LIL BG

We are on our way!

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