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Who knew that 18-time Grand Slam champ, Chris Evert, was such a hard core Fedophile? I’m putting her in the “Historian” category, due to the fact that she also really admires Nadal. Here’s the money quote from her ESPN interview with Bonnie D. Ford (click here for the full article):

“Isn’t there something about Federer that pulls at your heartstrings? I cry every time he loses a match, and I don’t even know the guy. (Laughs) There’s something so endearing about him as a person.”

Chris Evert on Federer vs. Nadal (I’m guessing this was pre-Madrid final):

“The thing that concerns me about Roger is, I just don’t know if his best is going to be good enough to beat Nadal. I don’t really see him playing out of the box, so to speak; I don’t see him changing anything, and that is what must happen if he wants to turn the tide. And also you have the added dimension of Andy Murray emerging, and [Novak] Djokovic, he seems to have gotten it back together.”

Chris Evert on the great Federer coach debate:

I think Roger’s his best coach. I don’t think there’s anyone better than him out there. Maybe someone to help him with training, fitness, getting stronger. If he can’t beat [Nadal], join him. Maybe he needs to get into the gym more. And by the way, he might be doing all this already, I don’t know. The fitness level could improve and that will bring along with it quickness and more power. But as far as playing the game and tactics, Roger is the best judge of that. Fitness helps you psychologically, there’s no doubt about it. When Martina started cleaning my clock, I said, I at least have to give myself a chance here, and so I went into the gym. Not to try to copy her, but just to be the best I could be and the strongest I could be. I think that’s what Roger needs to think about. Now’s not the time, but after this year when you have a period of six weeks, two months where you can really train hard.

Obviously all the balanced analysis is just Chrissie’s attempt to hide her blatant Fedophile tendencies. Move over, Marion Bartoli, you’ve got some Hall of Fame competition.


Chris Evert smokes ‘em on grass. Photo: Tony Duffy/Getty Images via Life

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