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I am interested in purchasing a new Electronic floor model, maybe the Gamma 6500 ELS or 5800 ELS. Do you recommend a 2pt or 6pt mounting system? Why do you feel one is better than the other?

I know that 6pt will provide the best support to the frame which is a good thing, but may block out some of the holes in the frame. The 2pt obviously provides the stringer a lot more frame access and I guess would cut down stringing time due to simplicity. Is the lack of side support on the 2pt machines something to be concerned about?



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Comment by Javier Djeu on July 4, 2011 at 11:45am

on a 2 pt machine yes you do have easier access to the holes but it does but all the pressure on the 2 ends of the racket and thats it


with a 6 pt system the other 4 act as help to disperseso of the pressure to other parts of the racket to your not putting so much stress on the very ends, make sense ?????


also as a side note unless your string more than 20 rackets a week take your time when you string, so the mounting system really doesnt matter


hope this helped :)

Comment by Mark / The Mayor on April 23, 2009 at 7:28am
Hi Ed, welcome to the site! I don't know much about stringers, but you should definitely post this question in the Group called Rackey Stringers Unite.

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