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Hi Tennis Fans,

It's time for some dirtballin'!
If you are into following the pros, come play this bracket challenge game with us. You pick the winners of all the French Open matches to the final, before the first point is ever played. Each correct pick gets you points. The person with the most points wins. Wins what? *bragging rights*.

Here's an interesting twist: Everyone that plays the challenge here is on the Tennisopolis Team which is up against some other tennis websites and message boards. We're calling it the Battle-Of-The-Boards.

The French Open brackets are now ready! Go ahead and make your picks now, right here: All draws are due by Sunday, 5am Eastern (so essentially Sat. night.). Why risk forgetting? Make your picks now.

Let me or ThePoet know if you need any assistance. When signing up, they'll ask for your name/nationality/team. In the team slot, write - this will show up on the leader board, so for instance my name will be Mark/USA/Tennisopolis.

C'mon people, let's kick some butt!


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Comment by Elaine on June 17, 2008 at 10:20pm
I just noticed there were two similar threads about the FO, just stopping by to post this, incase you missed it.

Hi Elaine

There were eight late entries from Tennisopolis members and two of you have asked to be told your scores. Here are the scores (in the format position (out of the 349 entrants there would have been if all of these had been included) - name - score) for all eight of you.

In case the other are interested too, would you mind posting them somewhere if the other person who asked me for them hasn't done so already? (I can't work out whether to use the forum thread that seems to get hardly any posts at all or Mark's blog about it, which was getting more comments but which I can't find any more, or somewhere else!)

69 aschro1 152
103 Steve Behmke 149
153 Fer0729 144
176 lainey 143
282 Nir 130
285 bink 129
287 bill fleegler 129
344 Ditadites 107

Many thanks and hope to see you back for Wimby

Comment by Steve on June 8, 2008 at 3:59pm
Wow.. that was amazing. I've never seen a number one seed so embarrassed and humiliated in a slam final before. Fed managed to win a total of 4 games in 3 sets...that's unbelievable. Total domination by rafa. He is the most unbelievable and consistent player on clay in history. He is 115-2 on clay since April 2005 and 28-0 for his career at the French Open.

Sampras must be loving Rafa b/c if it weren't for Rafa, Fed would have won 4 French Open titles and would have already surpassed Sampras' slam titles record. The funny thing is that Fed is the 2nd best player in the world on clay. He beats everybody he plays on clay except for one player, Nadal. Fed grew up playing on clay. Meanwhile, Rafa would have had 2 more slam titles if not for Fed who has beaten Nadal the last to Wimbledons. But Fed needed 5 sets, w/ 2 of the sets being tiebreakers, to beat Nadal last year. Nadal is much closer to taking Fed on grass than Fed is to taking Nadal on clay. It could happen this year...Borg certainly thinks so.
Comment by ETKhan on June 5, 2008 at 8:47am
Same here lol
Comment by Steve on June 5, 2008 at 5:20am
I emailed this guy several days ago to get a list and follow but never got a response.
Comment by ThePoet on May 28, 2008 at 7:05pm
Thanks allot Steven!
Comment by Steven on May 27, 2008 at 2:48pm
I'm not sure whether to post this here or on the very inactive discussionthread, so I'll do both to be safe!

Just a quick note to say that we've just found that we received 7 entries from this site between 4-9 hours after entries closed. I'm afraid we can't include them now - there's more than enough work dealing with the existing entries and with the number of R1 matches I'd have to void on those entries because they'd already started, it would be disastrous for the team even if we did have time to enter them.

However if any of the people affected (bink, Steve Behmke, bill fleegler, Fer0729, aschro1, lainey, Nir) would like to know their scores at the end of it all or were unable to print their picks and would like a list so that you can follow how you would be doing, feel free to email me at
Comment by Steve on May 26, 2008 at 5:52pm
Rafa is going to have a very tough time tying Borg's record of 4 French Open titles this year. Nadal could meet Jarkko Nieminen and Mikhail Youzhny before a possible quarterfinal match against Nalbandian and a rematch of last year's semifinal against Djokovic. Those are the toughest players to play in the French outside of Fed...and Rafa has to beat them one after one just to play Fed. He beat Fed last year in the French final after playing Djok in the semi's and he just did it again a couple weeks ago in Hamburg but this time Rafa's also going to be beat up by other great players and now has an extra day to make up for b/c of the rain that Djok and Fed don't have.

Meanwhile, Fed will have less concentrated tennis matches by the time of finals and his greatest test will be against a distant 4th seed, Davydenko. And Davydenko will have to get through probably Safin, then Ljubicic, and then Ferrero. If Fed is ever going to win the French Open, this is the year.
Comment by Mark / The Mayor on May 25, 2008 at 10:50pm
Tsonga had an injury in a workout a week or so ago and pulled out at the last second. Shcuks! And right after Tennis magazine put him on the cover.
Comment by hk on May 25, 2008 at 10:08pm
What happened to Tsonga?
Comment by Mark / The Mayor on May 25, 2008 at 11:33am
Totally agree. But I do remember Fed had Nole in the semis of the last major, right? ...and lost. :-) They do that by the luck of the draw. So I guess it is only fair that Rafa has to get by Novak this time.

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