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Jelena Jankovic Beijing Press Conference

Q: We know that you always spend a lot of time with your mother in hotels when off court, so would you do something or go anywhere with her in Beijing?
Jelena: Well, I come here to play tennis, but when I have time off, I might have the chance to attend some activities in Beijing, but I do not know whether my mum will or will not be with me. However, I want to say that, my mum is really a great encourage for me.

Q: I know that you keep good personal relationship with Chinese player Lina. So did you contact her when she was injured last year?
Jelena: Yeah, we are good friends. When she was injured last year I contacted her coach to see if everything was all right. I wish her to come back to court soon. She is a good player, and I like her a lot.

Q: You are one of the best players who haven’t won Grand Slam, so do you feel any pressure about this?
Jelena: Well, I think I don’t have to prove to anybody or any media about my ability, except to myself. I am only 23 years old, still young, and I have entered Grand Slam Finals. I really like playing, and I will work hard, but I don’t have to prove anything.

Q: You know that there is a lot of variability about NO.1 among women games. Different players stay NO.1, so what is your feeling about this?
Jelena: I know that there are a lot of sayings about NO.1 players, and I think it is great to see different players, not just one girl, to be NO.1s, except for tennis fans. All players are outstanding on court, and I will try my best to finish my job, to play tennis.

Q: The road map of 2009 WTA tournaments has been released, so we know that new rules have been released that players would be punished if they don’t show up. What do you think? And what are your comments about China Open?
Jelena: I know that there are some changes about rules, and some players have to attend some events. Whether players will attend these events depend on their health, and it is their personal choice, so I cannot comment, because I don’t know much about this.
China Open this year has attracted more players, has arranged different schedules and tournaments, and has big prize money too. I will attend as more matches as possible, to play my tennis.

Q: There is a new rule about on-court coaching and it is in experimentation now; can you give us your comments about this?
Jelena: I think this is really a great improvement for women tennis, although I seldom use this right. By doing this, the audience can learn more about players, about how they feel, and their next steps, all of which makes the match more interesting. The coach will see more, and more professionally, and players can get directions.

Q: I know that this is your second time to Beijing within 2 months. Comparing with Beijing Olympic game, it is more relaxing this time for China Open. So how do you feel?
Jelena: You are right. Olympic is very special, because it is held every four years, and all players around you are the best. China Open is more relaxing, and it is a different feeling. I really like come back here, for every people I meet is very nice and they really welcome me. I will enjoy matches here.

Q: You have a narrow schedule now, So do you feel boring with your schedule, for you have so little private time. And how do you relax yourself?
Jelena: I will focus on my matches, because it is my job. Concerning about how to relax myself, I like go shopping, spend time with my friends and families, and I like reading book. But my favorite is to spend time at SPA centers. Just these kinds of things. Nothing special.

Q: You are one of top players who try to attend as many matches as possible. Can you tell us the key reason for you to be so diligent, your character or your care about tennis?
Jelena: I really like playing tennis. I like competition, and playing under pressure, for those challenges. I try play more if I am in good health, but if I am injured, I might have to play less. Many players have health issues so that they are not allowed to play more. Fortunately, I seldom get injured. I will play as many as possible, and play whatever I like.

(via China Open)

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