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Comment by Mark T. on May 18, 2011 at 10:26am
Well, no Williams sister in the French.  First time there will be no Williams sister in a G.S. since they turned pro. 
Comment by Mark T. on May 12, 2011 at 10:21am
I think both of you are spot on.  It is unfortunate that they didn't take it more seriously.  But it is what it is at the end of the day.  Their lives, their choices.
Comment by Will on May 11, 2011 at 9:38pm

Full on with you there! McCoach. Yes  they are great tennis players and  had they chosen to remain solely focused on their tennis career and remained under 155 lbs, maybe Stefi Graf records would have been shattered.I do think 20 would have been possible ( speaking of Serena)


Yup their acting is not that good; I have seen a few of their cameos appearances still given time they might improve and worse acting I have been spared the sight of it.( no Cindy Crawford that was bad lol )

Are they great tennis players = a resounding YES.

Could they have rewritten the record books= I think so too.

Are they so-so to lousy actors= a whimpish, muted yes (I refuse to be loud on negativity)  

Design hmm let’s say they are no Karl Lagerfeld.

Thanks to tennis they have been giving opportunities to dabble in other activities, make a fool of themselves, be healthy exploring other interests like most of us:did as kids and so unlike many high level competitive athletes , whether tis’well done or as I think badly done is a moot point as long as it is done. I find that very healthy.

But here is an idea! Could it be possible that their part-time commitment is what have allowed them to keep their interests level high and thus to enjoy such a longevity unlike most of their peers?

It is never simple arithmetic, burn out does occur, we could have had a very committed Serena who after say 12 grand slam just called it quit because it is no longer exciting or tired of it, bored of it whatever reasons. Could well have been a choice between 15 yrs part timer or 7 years full timer lol


Truly I think their part time status, their on the side dabbling: thinking or being actresses, designers and the like is what have allowed us many more years of Williams sisters.  And saved us from basically 2-3 years of Uber boring tennis had they not  shown up once in a while won a few slams to have us watching and talking.

Also there is absolute no guarantee, had they been focused that their career would have lasted till today.


Ok I will just stop here because I am now sounding like the defender of everything Serena and a bit Venus and I sure dislike both her attitude and Tennis (Serena brand of bang bang tennis with technically deficient strokes save her serve just does not do it for me)  

Comment by McCoach on May 11, 2011 at 7:49pm

I wonder if I'm alone in this....  My irritation with Serena (particularly) and Venus (a little) isn't that I believe they have some "obligation" to be full time tennis players.  


My irritation is ... with their hair-brained ideas they are also ACTORS.  They are not just "not good actors," they are two of the WORST actors I've ever seen.  (I've acted and directed in Church and Community theatre.  I wouldn't cast them in *these* productions.)


Serena's "design career" is laughable.  Venus' has been somewhat well thought-out, but she could easily do that through partnerships with other folks.


It bugs me to observe wasted talent ... at the Pro ... collegiate, or ... high school levels.  (Some may marvel that I consider what the Williams sisters have done "wasted," with all their Major victories.  Yes.  It's wasting talent when you could have won TWENTY OR MORE!!!)


I seriously believe Serena -- if she'd have had some focused career management -- could have made us all reconsider the whole idea of Record Books.  



Telling someone they "have potential" is -- in my mind -- one of saddest appraisals a coach can give a player.  Unfortunately Serena has not approached her potential.



Comment by Mark T. on May 11, 2011 at 6:14pm
Great comments.  I agree, we all have our "agency" to do whatever we want to pursue in life.  That is a given.  I just think for the casual fan, and the potential fan, with the inconsistency it is detrimental.  I mean, as a 49er fan, they are always there.  They may suck (like the do at the current decade) but I still tune in to watch and see if maybe, perhaps they might turn the corner and possibly have a winning season.  But they are there.  The casual attitude is just not good.  Even the press kind of insinuate things like, Wozniaki is #1, but where would she be if so and so played and weren't injured or filming a movie or whatever.  For lack of better explanation, it just isn't good for the game.
Comment by Will on May 11, 2011 at 5:27pm

Thanks for the info,

So many new players as you said the women s game gotten dull enough that I don't bother watching it anymore,  I should just go check out those players out instead of turning into an old man and getting all nostalgic about retired players.

I got a question, what do you mean by the game, viewership? Commercial interest? fans? new fans interests?


Serena, hmm  I do not think she would ever dare to step in an official match wearing this outfit, and is she really that much fitter, picture s been known to be slimming. And of late by the look of it she has been a bit
unprofessional about her weight.

Comment by Will on May 11, 2011 at 5:23pm

Hey Mark I agree with you on a few points and see things another way on a few others.

A mathematical genius does not owe anything to the mathematical community on account of his god given once in a millennium genius, the community would love for the genius to “act like a genius” and give to the community, some would
probably scream that it is his duty responsibility as such talent been bestowed
upon them and so on.

But hey if said genius chooses to take up gardening as a profession regardless of how inept at it he or she may be that is basically his life and his choice though a loss to the community I agree.

I believe in the freedom of each of us to lead our lives as we so choose not according to how great it would be for the game, us fans, our anybody else with a vested interest in that individual talents or skills.

And I got to admit on account of the lack of excitement you speak off I have stopped watching the women game. I totally agree with you, I too would love for great
players to show up and make it exciting,

What a loss it would have been if Federer or Nadal had decided to be part-timer or Djokovic to not show up at Indian wells, Miami, Madrid? So just like you do, I would love for them to play fulltime and definitively do not hold it against them
if they don’t.

So for the time being let’s just rejoice that they do show up from time to time, but not overly so I can do without Serena attitude.

Comment by Mark T. on May 11, 2011 at 3:54pm
Will, you now have a Goerges, Petkovic, Herzog and a few others with appealing games to watch.  Being so heavily ingrained in the sport though, we like to see a champ act like a champ and put their all into the sport we all love.  The part time stuff is detrimental to the game.  There would be no consistency, no rivals, no build up to the majors if everyone all of a sudden took on this attitude.  Look at how the French Open is starting to look on the womens side.  Completely and totally wide open.  Too hard to get excited about something like that. 
Comment by Will on May 11, 2011 at 12:43pm

People wishing that they either retire or make a full commitment to tennis those kind of comments are always interesting. I personally do not like their games a bit too brutal and unesthetically appealing but goodness the talent, pride of a champion, the hunger cannot be denied. Being a tennis star hardly means they ought to lead a life that pleases us:bottom line their lives to live as they so choose.   Plus part time tennis is kinda cool, Davenport, Capriati, Kournikova, Mauresmo, they all gone, I guess part time tennis works for them and you get to do so many other as or more interesting stuff :)

Hope to see them in the hunt for some more. but please give me  another Mauresmo, Justine Henin a lady Federer something delightful to watch.

Comment by Mark T. on May 9, 2011 at 3:20pm
This pic was actually from the first of April this year.  I agree, she does look pretty fit.  It will be truly interesting to see what kind of playing shape she comes out in, "when" she decides to grace the Tennis world with her presence. 

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