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Starting a Group for Your Tennis Club or Organization

Did you know your tennis club, team or organization can start a FREE group on

With a group for your club you can have your own member forum, a box to post announcements and other widgets and the ability to easily contact all of your members at once using the 'Send Message to Members' tool. This is great for important announcements and informational messages, essentially a free mailing list.

It's easy to set up a group:

1. Go to
2. Click the 'Create a New Group' link on the left side or go directly to
3. Enter your group's name (such as “XYZ Tennis Club”), a short description, a custom logo/avatar, choose a custom address (such as and then you can also add a link to your tennis club under 'External Website'
4. Select your Privacy Setting. You can enable your group to be open to all users OR ONLY to those members you invite, thus ensuring only approved users can participate. You can also control who can invite other members and how. That's It! You are done!

Use the 'Invite More Friends' link on your group page to start inviting members to join. New members will have to fill out a basic free Tennisopolis profile but have total control over what information they provide beyond a login name.

Have other ideas for groups for your region, interest or hobby? There are more than 50 members Groups on Tennisopolis, based on location, favorite pros, tennis clubs, etc. So check them out now and join some at


note: commercial tennis sites may also create Groups if they comply with the commercial sites terms of service.

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