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Tennisopolis brings tennis players, fans, teaching pros, tennis shops, club directors, and industry insiders together to connect, learn, explore business opportunities and related topics.

If you are tennis-related business owner, please read these guidelines and tips for getting started and how to benefit from participating in Tennisopolis, the Tennis Social (and Business!) Network.

Create 2 accounts; one for your business and one for yourself. Your business' profile should have your business logo for the profile picture and your business name for the name. Have a look at The Boston Lobsters profile or Tennis Plaza's profile for some ideas, and follow the guidelines below.

The Tennisopolis community is a strong one; it is THE place to interact with other tennis people. As a tennis-related business, you can meet potential distributors, clients and buyers, - and spread the word about yourself - but the key to online networking is participating in the discussion.

Networking ideas:

  • Join relevant groups and share ideas there.
  • Create a "Fans of" group for your business.
  • Add photos and videos of your products or services.
  • Search for potential partners and introduce yourself.
  • Add blogs regularly.
  • Post your events in the Calendar.
  • Add your opinions in the Forum.
  • Be creative! It is your network - the sky is the limit!

It's fine to mention, link to, or discuss most other web sites, including your own, that may be of interest to our members, as long as the web sites you refer to are consistent with our guidelines. Members may not promote a website that we feel is in direct competition with Tennisopolis. A great place to start is by building your online profile. Whether you’re a casual player, avid tennis fanatic or a business owner, announce to the world what you stand for and what you offer.

Spamming and Self-promotion. We understand the desire for members to use Tennisopolis as a way to promote themselves and their businesses. We want to encourage and foster this, but there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to do it. You may not directly advertise or promote yourself en masse to the membership via messaging. (This includes dropping promo text on an unreasonable amount of members pages willy-nilly.)

The most effective and most appropriate way to attract attention is to be a periodic contributor of valued content to the site. Brief plugs at the end of contributed content is generally acceptable. However, plugs at the end of a welcome message to new members that is obviously self-promoting is unacceptable.

We also offer direct advertising of your company's products or services to the membership at large, please see this page or contact me about custom promotional ideas on Tennisopolis.

Welcome to the site!
Mark Baker
Community Manager

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