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Chat with other Tennisopolites in real time. This is particulary fun when you are both watching the same match, hence the name "Match Chatter". var app = dojo.json.serialize(ning.CurrentApp); var pro = dojo.json.serialize(ning.CurrentProfile); document.getElementById('wlab_chat_frame').src = ""+encodeURIComponent(app)+"&p="+encodeURIComponent(pro);

Supports UTF-8, Pasted URL, MP3, YouTube URL, Image URL (no tags at end)

Chat Embedding

Chat supports several content types that can be embedded in the chat. Examples are below.

Images on a Web Site:
Enter full image URL such as '' (no other trailing information after the .jpg). JPG, PNG and GIF formats are acceptable. Images uploaded on Tennisopolis: Right click on an image to get the URL. In IE, right click the photo and then click 'Properties' and cut-and-paste the image address (URL). In Firefox, right click and then 'Copy Image Location'. For example, you should see something like '*m4vKbgJlGWhPZrBU5bLheeA-i7rQ_/young.jpg?width=280&height=209' as the image URL. Paste EVERYTHING into the chat window EXCEPT anything including and after the question mark. So the image URL you paste into chat would be just '*m4vKbgJlGWhPZrBU5bLheeA-i7rQ_/young.jpg'


YouTube Video:
Paste the URL (NOT the Embed Code) of a YouTube video

Type the full URL of an MP3 file such as '' (no other trailing information after the .mp3 -- this is Beta).

Please Note:: Any inappropriate, explicit, sexual or other questionable content/chat may result in your ENTIRE Tennisopolis account being terminated. So post with care!

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