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Welcome to WindyCityTennis Players!

When I joined Tennisopolis, there wasn't a group for Chicago yet so I had to right that immediately and started this group, so thanks for joining!

Lets all get to know one another. Tell us about you:

What level do you play?
Where do you play?
How often?
What are you looking for?
Are you interested in league play and tournaments or are you just looking for fun, friends and great exercise?

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I started playing tennis at an age of 8-9 back in Ukraine where I would use old used wood tennis racquets that my brother got tired of playing. Since moving to the US in 1990 I would play tennis not frequently as I wanted to. Ever since I became freshman in HS I wanted to get into the team and every year I got cut from my HS tryouts. My best friend made it allmost all 4 years and I could beat him without a sweat. After College I have a lot more time playing tennis now. I live in Elgin, IL and have a couple of regular tennis partners close by. But sometimes the plans change and they can't make it, I just want some more options if that happens. Like today ;) I usually play at my local courts in Wing Park but I do sometimes travel to the Medinah Park District courts to play. I am somewhere between 3.5 and 4.0 because I do have a tendency to overhit, hit the net, double fault, shank sometimes and scream at myself. I am available Monday thru Thursday after 6pm. Tuesday after 4pm.
Hi Tim,
This is Suman, I live close to downtown, I would be interested to play competitive singles
would rate my self 5-5.5
, i can play anywhere in the city, but have good courts nearby
let me know
I'm a slightly above average player, or at least I think so and am here to hopefully find a hitting partner for fun and great excercise. I played at least once a week last summer and have yet to set foot on a court this summer as I don't have a partner. I know several players but all are extremely competitive and it wouldn't be fun for me at that point.

I'll just need a few rounds to get back into the swing of things and then we're good to go.

Talk soon,

I'm about a 3.0 rating, living in bridgeport. Haven't played as much as i would've liked this summer but there's still time. Looking for some friendly competition with comparable players, or folks that want to just hit around. I'm not too serious but like having some good rallies.

My name is Al and I just got back into the game. I live in Itasca (it is a couple of suburbs north of OakBrook, but before you get to Schaumburg). I would rate myself about a 3-3.5. Last week, I played with a 4.5+ (with great topspin) and we were able to hit it back and forth, but I did not provide him much of a challenge. Today, I played a 2.0, but she did not provide much of a challenge (but it was a good workout). I am seeking an intermediate player 3.0 - 4.0 to play with on a regular basis. I am willing to travel 10-15 miles to play or meet somewhere in between. Let me know if you are interested.

Tomorow, I am meeting with someone in Oak Park who is 4-4.5, but has not played for a while. Wish me luck! Thanks!
Hi all-

Just moved to the city from the suburbs. Played in some mens leagues at the 4.0-4.5 level.
Looking mainly for competitive singles matches but also more then happy to play doubles (mixed dubs is always fun too!).

I live in the Wicker Park area, not sure where the best courts are around here but I'm willing to play anywhere in the city.
Hi Tim,
This is Suman, I live close to downtown, I would be interested to play competitive singles
would rate my self 5-5.5
, i can play anywhere in the city, but have good courts nearby
let me know
Just moved to town from Cincy... used to play interclub leagues back home [4.0]. Haven't played in a few months and would love to get back out on the courts again. Currently staying with a friend in Logan Square temporarily... can meet almost anywhere [north/west of city preferred].
I have no idea what level i play at, i try to play 4 times a week, and am looking to play as much as possible for fun.
I would love to do anything from tournaments, to looking for fun...
Hi Sang,
I'm trying to find more people to practice with - I'm a low intermediate player looking to get better.
Lemme know if you're interested in playing. Ideally on the north side - maybe Gompers/Rec Drive/ or Proesel?

3.5 - 4.0
Lake County but will travel a bit.
As often as I can, usually at least once a week or more.
Singles, doubles action locally, in the evening and or weekends.
I would be interested in league & or tournamnet play.

I have been playing for over 30 years & love every minute, win or lose! :-)
Hi all -

My name is Joel. I'm 34 and moved back to the Chicago area from NYC last fall. I'm currently living in Oak Park, but will be moving into the city in about a month. Would be open to playing in Oak Park or in the city, especially at Lake Shore Park on Chicago Ave.

Largely self-taught player with some powerful, but inconsistent ground strokes. I'd place myself somewhere between a 3.5 and 4.0 and would love to find someone of comparable ability interested in just hitting or playing a match. If you are looking for a fourth to play doubles, that would be even better.


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