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Welcome to WindyCityTennis Players!

When I joined Tennisopolis, there wasn't a group for Chicago yet so I had to right that immediately and started this group, so thanks for joining!

Lets all get to know one another. Tell us about you:

What level do you play?
Where do you play?
How often?
What are you looking for?
Are you interested in league play and tournaments or are you just looking for fun, friends and great exercise?

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I used to play a lot of tennis in HS but that was about 10 years ago :(
I would love to burn some rust off of my racquet and get back out there on the courts.
I would prefer to play near downtown and I would guess I am around a 3.5 player at least.
I will play as much as I can (weeknights and weekends). Would love to join a league/tournament but I am also in it for fun as well.
Welcome eric!
Hopefully, once the temperatures get above 10 degrees and the Aussie open is over, some folks will be thinking about tennis and you can get out and get rust free!

I played in HS and college, then stopped cold and didn't pick up a racquet in 10 or 15 years, and it came back. In fact, the only part of my game that I wish I had from the past was my younger body! I'm a lot more strategic now, and a far better player.

Welcome back to the game!
hi all! i'm in a similar situation as eric. played in high school and looooved it and haven't played since. that was about 4.5 years ago. i just moved to chicago in june and don't know anything about court locations / rates. anyone up for playing? i'd love to just meet up with somone 2-3 times and week and just jam around.

-based on how i played back in school i'd rank myself between a 4-4.5 but that was then...
-i played on a team in high school with an amazing professional coach and great ladies and a few tournaments
-played almost every day then. went cold turkey when college started...more like cold pizza and beer.
-looking for someone in a similar situation (trying to get their groove back)
-looking for fun, friends and exercise now. maybe tournaments later on
Hi Joel,

Where are you located? Like you, I started playing almost five years ago, first with lessons then with friends. I play for fun and the great workout. Interested? I'm in the Oak Park / River Forest area.

Welcome Christina
Maybe we can get out and hit some after the bad weather abates. (Another 6 weeks?) I'm a solid 4.0 but I have been out with injury most of tis year so I have no doubt slid. Plus I suspect I have more than a few years on you!

Let's try and build our group up, and maybe we can get some play going for some of us on the board.

Invite your friends!

I am just learning and started taking lessons in October. I am not as terrible as I thought I would be! But with more practice I am sure I will get better...maybe a 3.0 right now. I would prefer downtown or the southside. I would love to have a weekly tennis date downtown with people on Saturday or Sunday mornings!
Once the weather begins to warm up I could play downtown on weeknights and some weekends. I am really close to Grant Park. I work downtown so I could be available after 5:30 on weeknights if I knew in advance and brought tennis clothes with me to work. I played a lot in HS but haven't played too often since then. Just getting back into the swing of things.
Hello all!

My name is Brian and I'm 22. I've been playing recreationally/competitively for around 10 years. I'd say I'm around a 4.0 player. I just joined Heritage Tennis Club in Arlington Heights, so if any of you city dwellers can make it out to the NW suburbs, I'll have an indoor court waiting for ya!

Anyone interested in playing winter tennis, drop me an e-mail at

Windy City admins...I just joined this site an hour ago. Is there a way to e-mail someone else in the group? Seems as though e-mail addresses are hidden. Thanks in advance!
Hi ALL, This is Suman,
I am from INDIA, used to play competitive tennis in high school, came to US, went to University of Illinois, Chicago (, used to play sometimes with the UIC team.
Now a bit scrathy, need to hit for 1 week to get back in groove,
Im staying in little Italy, close to UIC (halsted/Harrison), can hit now 1-2 days /week, in summer can hot more esp in weekends
Hey, I'm ready to play!

i'm a 4.0
just moved here, so i have no idea where to play
not as much as i'd like
i'm looking for drilling as well as singles and maybe some doubles play
I"m interested in both exercise and league play
Hey Brooke A.

sorry about not replying, just didn't get your message earlier.

Sure lets play,
Im very interested in anything on the tennis court, singles, doubles, mixed singles, mixed doubles or whatever

I stay close to University of ilinois@ Chicago, UIC, exaclty in little Italy(Morgan/Taylor). I know a couple of locations nearby my house, Laflin/Taylor(little Italy) or Halsted/Morgan

My fone no is : 773-289-7960, please call and let me know your avalability, if I dont pickup please leave a voice message.

I know many places to play tennis, let me know, also there are many courts in downtown but not sure of availability, even tomorrow april 05 we could probably hit .
Hey anyone looking to play tennis today? Im up in Edgewater area, but looking to play anywhere. Im a 3.0-3.5 player, maybe a little higher once the rust wears off from not playing.


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