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I just moved back to Vancouver and am looking to play some tennis. I have played off and on for a few years and have had some lessons, but am still learning. I am around the broadway-cambie area and would be happy to play around the city.

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Welcome back to Vancouver.I would love to play tennis as often as possible this summer. I mostly play in North Vancouver, but it will be fun to play around the city. I'll send you my contact number so that we can set fix location, date and time.





Hi Alireza,


Sounds great. I only have a bike so getting over to North Van may be a little difficult for me, but if you want to set up a time to play in the city I'd be happy to play.



Hi Kait. I live in False Creek. I'm a 3.0 ...well ,  I was a 3.0 . I'm rusty but def wanna start  play again. My schedule is pretty flexible !
hey marco, i am in the false creek area as well (closer to cambie), that works perfectly! I would say lets play tomorrow, but it is supposed to be pretty rainy... I work until 6, but could play one day this week around 6:30. Do you know the courts just near 2nd above the parking lot (sort of across from 7-11)?
hey marco. I saw briefly saw your message about playing wednesday, but I am having a hard time navigating through this website and cannot seem to find that message and it won't let me send a message directly to you! If you are still interested in playing tomorrow i'm in. I work until 6 but could be at the courts on 2nd around 6:15 if that works for you! let me know!
Hey, i'm looking for a partner to play on the Stanley park courts by the lagoon. Feel like it?

i am in a similar boat. 

i've been taking private lessons and am likely a 2.5-3.0 player? 

definitely need practice with actual people!

i'm on Fraser st. and always up for a rally

Hi Kait,

I'm a 2.5 player living at Cambie and 16th.  Would you be interested in playing sometime?

i would love to! 

you would likely need a bit of patience with me though. I suck. haha. 


but its coming! 

i am at Fraser and 38th. 

hey guys,

i've actually moved back to Halifax until January! Hopefully this thread will help some of you guys link up with eachother to play! good luck!


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