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Hello All! I just moved to Vancouver today and Im looking for some tennis players. I have been playing off and on for years now but I would say Im average. I havent played in awhile but once I get going I can hang in there.

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I am looking for a regular 3-4 person team who can play regually, I am interested in arranging a test match to organize such a group and looking for an indoor court to play in rainny days:)
I'm looking to play on the east side. I live on Main street and would like to find someone around here. Where are you and what level would you say you are? I'm about a 3 - 3.5 on a good day.
Hi Jesse. Your post sounds very similiar to mine :). My rating is a 3.5 / 4.0 but I also haven't played for awhile either so it's less than that now. I'm looking for rallying only and to get back up to speed. I would like to play in south/east Vancouver but will consider South Burnaby and New West. Let me know if you are interested.
I trust you've settled in and enjoying the summer since moving to Van.
I just moved back here from Whistler and looking for someone to occasionally hit with at the Stanley Park Courts.
3.5 player myself (maybe 4.0 with some practice). Since I'm only working PT right now I can be avail most any time of the day between now and middle of next week.
Call me at if you think we can set something up.
Hello All,

I'm a 3.0-3.5 player looking to hit regularly outside of work hours (8-4). I can play pretty much anywhere in the greater Vancouver area. If you're interested feel free to drop me a line at

I'd love to get some games going on the east side. I live at 12 & Main, and there's 2 different courts blocks in either direction from my house. If anyone wants to play somewhere else in biking distance I'd love that too. I'd say I'm probably a 3 or 3.5.

I freelance from home, so I make my own hours. If its a nice day outside I'd definitely play in the day and work at night.
hi gerrit & derek

i'm a 3.0-ish player and live in mount pleasant.
and i'd love to get a game going this week if anybody is up for it?
Hey Mike. I'd also love to get a game going. What's your availability? Thursday and Friday afternoon are wide open for me, and I could play tomorrow, but only from like 1-3.
cool - i'll send you a pm with my number and you can call me and we'll set something up.

Hi Jesse,


I've just moved to Vancouver and im looking for someone to play tennis with.  I'm about a level 2.5 to 3 i think.  Let me know if you ever want to play.


Kind Regards,


Hey Libby. Welcome to Van. I'd love to get a game going. I think I'm ~3.5, but I haven't played since fall so no promises. I live in Strathcona so my local courts are in Strathcona park. Where dyou live / what courts are convenient for you?
Hey, sure I would love to play some tennis with you. I am average too, I had some lessons and enjoy having fun on the court.  Let me know when, Judy


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