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I think I've just hit upon a whole can of worms today...


Basically, I've realized I prefer the performance of a grip size smaller than is normal for me. Ie, I usually play with g3 or g4 (varies from brand to brand of course), but for whippy, spinny, wristy b-line play - I think I do indeed prefer my old PD+ and PD grip size of 2 (or 1/4)...


Sure, a bigger grip makes for a more slid kind of serve/volley/groundie/serve return,etc,but for spinny Nadal like shots - go smaller!


What do others think?





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I agree that a smaller grip size is better for spin. I use a grip 3, but I have a leather grip which is slightly thinner than a synthetic grip, so it works out slightly thinner than a normal grip 3 and the bevels are more defined.

I use a L5. I much prefer the stability this brings to all my shots, and I can generate ample spin with it. I also think that copying Nadal is harmful to the average player's game. I'm seeing a growing number of people twirling their Babolat above their head like some sort of modern-day cowboy, when it's painfully obvious that they'd hit a far better ball with a conventional follow through.

As the others say what you've discovered there is quite true.It's a trade off, by old logic my hand size should use a L5, i actually like a 3 with an overgrip means i ge tthe best of both worlds.

On a side note i hate people yelling "vamos" after hitting one of those whippy shots.I like to make them run after they do that.


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