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I'm interested in forming a TVTA Team to compete against other Tennisopolis teams in the SF bay area. It can be in the same format as USTA League; NTRP or Combo. We can also consider something like WTT format with M-W Singles, M-W Doubles and Mixed. If you are interested, let me know so I can start forming teams and send out challenges. I think this would be a great way to meet others in the bay area for social competition.

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A WTT format would be a lot of fun. I would be interested.
Years ago, I was the player captain of the Pacific Bell Team. We competed in a South Bay Industrial League made up of major corporations like Apple, IBM, HP etc. It was an all doubles format, I believe 4 men's and 1 mixed. If we can get this going, I'd like to use WTT format for men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed. There are a variety of scoring formats we can use we can decide on later.

Sounds like a lot of fun...count me in!


yes, count me in as well...
Thanks for your responses. Until we get a little more interest, I will contact one of the local Tennisopolis groups and issue a challenge.

I am interested too, but why don't we just form a USTA team? It's where the real competition is.  My husband will also be interested if we have a USTA team. He is around 4.5, and I am a 3.0. Thanks for the great idea, I am looking forward to meet some of the members at the drop in soon.

Hi Rebecca. We have tried forming USTA teams, but the primary reason we have not, is because we don't have enough players at any particular level or combo to make one. Recently I was told the City of San Ramon will no longer issue permits for any organizations or teams to use the DVHS courts. That doesn't leave any sites to use as a home court. This season, many of the members have joined existing teams at San Ramon Clubsport.

Hi Dudleyk thank you so much for your quick response. I totally understand what you are saying, but I guess we will have the same problem no matter what kind of team we are forming. As for court reservation,  The tennis park in Pleasanton do accept advanced group reservation for recognized tennis entity like USTA, so that's may be a plus of USTA over Tennisopolis.

Hope this information help :)







Maybe it's best to consider first the goal of this. Is this just for having fun, friendly games, or is it going to be competitive? I've only been to 2 drop ins, but from my impression is that most people just want to play to have fun.


I personally don't mind both. I can play for fun or competitively, but I think it's better to clear it up in the first place.


Also Rebecca, I thought USTA partners can't have more than 1.0 rating difference?

The other thing to consider is the location and number of teams on Tennisopolis. I just did a quick check on all the team in N.Cal, there are only 9 of them and some of them are pretty far to drive. I am afraid that is going to be a problem even we can put a team together.


Palo Alto Lobbers

Tri-Valley Tennis Association

San Francisco

East Bay Area of San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area

South Bay of San Francisco Area


Berkeley-Albany-El Cerrito


Hi Rebecca, thanks for looking up the local teams. You are right about distance being a time factor. Do you recall inner-club or was it intra-club competition? This is what I was hoping for and to play against the closer east bay teams. I don't think any Tennisopolis group has a team and for that matter, I don't think many have on going activities like TVTA. I was hoping to create some interaction and friendly competition.

Hi Dudley, the tennis club I belong to has formed a private club association with other clubs in this area to create more matches opportunities to the members. But as far as I know, it is not doing very well. Many leagues got cancelled because of low participation. I think most people would rather stick with USTA because it is more organized.

I am also playing in the Contra Costa League, it is a social league but most matches are in the daytime. I am not sure if they will take a team without a home facility though.. otherwise it will be great for TVTA.

Besides Tennisopolis, I also see a few tennis groups on Check this out, may be you can contact their organizers and form our own league.

Personally, I think as long as the goal of the team is clear, it doesn't matter which league we play. You can join USTA and still play for fun. 

We can also start with a single / double flex league within TVTA. .. just a suggestion :)



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