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Currently, TVTA has drop-ins on Tues and Thurs at Dougherty HS. Since our members are widespread across Tri-Valley, I am considering the option to add other drop-ins locations for weekdays, Mon, Wed and even the weekend play in Danville (Osage), Pleasanton (Muirwood), Dublin (Emerald Glen) or Livermore (Robert). I will need a few facilitators on my behalf until the core groups are formed. Let me know what you think.

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Although I might not take advantage of the extra locations (because I'm so close to DVHS) I think it'll be much appreciated by other folks coming from elsewhere. 

If multiple locations are made available, maybe we can have later hours on different nights????  The reason I don;t show up on Thurs evening is because I can never get there until after 7:30 or so......after most have gone home.  Just a thought.

Hi Tim, thanks for the feedback. As you mention, having other sites will benefit others. Let's see what other comments are added before I make any decisions.
I meant Roberts Park off of East Av. I think 4 courts with lights.

Hi Rick, I made a list of sites, public parks and schools in the 4 neighboring towns of Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore. As I expected not many have lights. Right now, these are the ones I can think of:


Brighton Park 2 courts w/ lights

Emerald Glen 4 courts w/ lights

Fallon Sports Park 4 courts w/ lights


Diablo Vista Park 2 courts w/ lights

San Ramon Valley High 6 courts w/ lights


Robert Livermore Park 4 courts w/ lights


Pleasanton Tennis Center 10 courts w/ lights (hourly fee)

San Ramon:

Athan Downs 4 courts w/lights

Cal High 6 courts, 3 w/ lights

Central Park 3 courts w/ lights

Dougherty High 8 courts w/ lights

That sounds like I great idea, I would take advantage of the Dublin and Pleasanton locations. The Dublin Courts are nice and there are lights.
Hi Christie, it's nice to hear from you. Although most of the members live or work in San Ramon, I hope to get another site started soon. I have only heard from a handful of members so I don't know if a group of regulars would want to meet in Dublin or Pleasanton. Let me see if I get any further feedback. Thanks.


It is definitely an idea whose time has come. As other users have pointed out, do choose locations that have features like easy availability of courts (which i think means a min of 6 courts to start with) and good lighting.


I just shifted to a place near the San Ramon tennis courts and aquatic pool. It has 6 courts but not sure on the lights front. Did you think of that location?



Hi Vijay. Thanks for your feedback and meeting you this evening at DVHS. This may have been your first time, so you can see why this site is so popular with the group. Although I would like to have other drop-in sites, there are not many lighted courts in the area. I hope to get more feedback from the group to see what can be done to add another site.


I definitely like the idea as it has become difficult to make it over to DVHS; yet it would be simple to show up in Livermore at the park.  So if there are others from Livermore who are interested, I'd love to join that group.  Thanks, Nick


Hi Nick, I'm sorry it's been difficult for you to join us at DVHS so that the members and I can meet you. What weekday evening would work for you, so that I can promote a drop-in site at Robert Livermore Park? If you have another location, let me know. Dudley

Any evening in Livermore would work for me; I just can't make it to DVHS in a timely manner to be able to continue joining you there on time.  But Livermore works great as it's home.

Thanks, Nick

Ok great, I will promote a Wed drop-in at Robert Livermore Park. What would be a good time, before the crowd, will 530p work?


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