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Good job NC - big Group!

Hi. I started this thread for your group so that everyone can introduce themselves in here and say what they're looking for. As you probably know, I'm the site admin guy and I live in another timezone, but if I was here, I'd say:

I'm Mark. I'm 38 and the best bartender around.
I'm a ______ player (NTRP of about _____)
I've been playing for ______ years/ weeks.
I live near the courts at ______.
I like singles/ doubles.
I'm available on weeknights/ weekends/ crack of dawn.


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Hey, I'm Jonathon, I'll be moving to Raleigh this June after I get married. Currently I'm a firefighter and a bookseller (pretty random combination) in Michigan, and looking to get away from this snow once and for all.
I'm a self taught player, been playing for about 4 years now seasonally. Once I move down there I plan on pursuing tennis year-round as much as I can. I'd love to meet with a network of people to play around with, get to know what courts are good around town, etc.
Hey my name is David Mathes, I'm 20 years old, and the best construction worker around. I dont know what my NTRP is or even how to acquire that information but I would consider myself a decent player who loves to play. Ive been playing since I was 5 but never too serious about it. I live near the Middle Creek courts, Kaplan courts, but can travel anywhere around here. I like singles and doubles, I am available anytime before 6pm.
I'm Tim, 29 yrs old and the best banker around. I'm also self taught and just starting on my game. I have been playing since I was a kid, but not on any teams. I live near Millbrook exchange and anywhere downtown that has open courts. ready to play when not working, lunchtime and late afternoons, weekends.

Hi Carrie,

I live in Wilmington and joined this group to practice and make friends with players in Raleigh. Working for Metabolon in Durham and occassionally stay in RTP. I'm a strong 3.0 and just represented the Wilmington men at Pinehurst. Playing singles, doubles, mixed doubles are all cool. I'll add a pic soon.

[email removed - see profile]

Hi, I'm Anirban (34/Male/Married with a 1 year old son)- we will be moving to Durham in May of this year from the NYC/NJ area. Oh... I'm about a 4.0 player who's woefully out of shape, but would love to get back out there on the courts (especially since my wife keeps buying me tennis gear to get me back on the courts). Would love to meet new folks and get back on the court for some good drilling and hitting. I think this would be a great way to get my wife into the game as well. If you guys are looking for someone to hit with, please don't hesitate to contact me [email removed - see profile]. Cheers....


My name is Matt Johnson and I am a graduate student at Duke University (studying biology). I have played tennis on and off for about 15 years, and I would say I am a 3.0/3.5. I am, however, out of shape and am looking to improve upon that through tennis!

I live near Duke, within walking distance of the Durham courts at Morreene Park. I also have access to play on the Duke outdoor courts if anyone would like. I like singles, but will also play doubles to get my stamina back up.

I'm available to play weeknights and some weekends, so contact me if you want to play!
Hello! I'm Jon. I'm 25 and a musician/producer/online promoter.
I'm a decent but rusty player.
I live right outside of Carrboro, near Henry Anderson Park.
I'm into singles and doubles.
I'm looking for a day job now so don't have a set schedule. Not a morning person though :)

let me know if you want to play!
I'm Derek, a 39-year-old college professor, hip-hop fan, and out-of-shape 3.5ish player who really wants to get back on the court this summer. I live in Garner but can travel. I'm teaching afternoons/evenings, so my preferred time during the week would be mornings or after 8pm. If interested, hit me up!
im maria and i am a long time beginner. I work at UNC chapel hill.
is there anyone who is interested in playing couple times a week near UNC in chapel hill?
let me know!

I'm Greg and i'm a fat guy looking to get into shape. I have played sparingly for a few years. I have no idea what my skill level would be. I guess maybe the lowest. I can play any night after 7pm and most weekends. I live right next to piney wood park in Durham.

Looking forward to getting embarrased by some of you.
Hi greg...

Would you like a partner that will embarrass herself more than you?
Hi Maria! I am also a beginner and a grad student at UNC -- I would absolutely love to simply hit a ball back and forth to see if I remember anything from my childhood lessons.


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